Saturday, February 12, 2011

Well... fuck....

Some reason I had really fucking hoped that what Damien had written about was just his little thing.... his imagination.. him going crazy...

Fuck... just... fuck.

Be careful Mr. Zeke.

As for me? I'm going Slender hunting. It's time talk skinny faceless got the whiteboard and pen and answered some questions for me.

Oh and Taben's going crazy. His mom took Allen for the night so we could work on cleaning this place up for company that comes next Thursday. Taben just broke down crying and started screaming he had to go get allen he couldn't let Allen die. Apparently Taben's been dealing with dreams of Allen's death almost constantly lately. The thing that gets me? It's not Slendy that kills Allen. Allen dies by gun shot wounds. I'm pretty certain this isn't going to come true and all.. but Taben's beside himself with worry. Allen seemed really happy to get out of here and to his grandparents though. So.. I dunno.

Mreh, Taben's calm now but he's... nervous, he's not Taben. I'm hoping to get some cleaning done then force him out of the house, he and I can go do some geocaching or something. I dunno. All I do know is Taben needs a break and he's so paranoid he's not willing to let himself have one right now :\

Anywyas yeah... everyone be careful. This new development is just... yeah scary shit.

P.S. Have I ever mentioned how I hate that Blogger things my comments are spam? :(


  1. Does it think your comments are spam everywhere, or just for me?

    Keep me posted on the Slendy convo, if it happens. I knew Rick couldn't be trusted.

  2. every where. I commented on J's blog, and it ate it. I commnted on Sandra's blog and it at it. Why am I being spam. :(

    And I've not seen Slendy. I took the whiteboard and a marker for it and walked through the woods to see if I could find him. Never found him. Did fund two girls going at it and had to shoo them off my property. Not safe for people to be on our property.... let alone being out in the fucking cold. I swear... I was amused though... when I tried to get them to leave they asked me if I wanted to join them. :p yeah...

    And... just... yeah. Taben's making us calzone's for dinner. we're playing guinea pigs for him to see if this is a doable meal for when the masses are here next weekend :p

    Gonna see about finding Slendy again tomorrow.

  3. Okay. This is stupid. I'm going to see if I can get that fixed for you. You know, if anybody pays attention to me this time. =/

    Worthless Blogger help forum...