Monday, February 7, 2011

Update in which I freak out and go all suicidal.

Things have been... busy here... kinda hectic kinda not.

I just don't know. Mreh I don't really care anymore either.

I think I lost it... Taben, Ry and Allen went to Taben's parent's place yestrday for SuperBowl fuckery and stuff. I was invited but... after all the shit I just wanted to stay home. I noticed Mr. No Face looking in the window at me and... I think I kinda lost it...

I went out side and found him and just started screaming at him. Scremng if he wants me to just fucking take me, that my life is fucking falling apart. I don't want to deal with it and to just make it easier on me by just removing me from everything. He just stared at me. So I went up... and kicked him. ::he looked at his leg and looked at me. He wasn't angry, I didn't feel any anger from him. No... Ithink he was more.... sorry? I felt... pity from him. And.. I lost it... and tried to beat the shit out of Slender Man. like, all out beat the shit out of him. picked up a stick had a go at him punched, kicked, bit (omg that taste... never wanna taste that again...) just everything in the book that was within my reach I just started at him with. rocks and snow balls included. When I was tiered I just fell to the ground crying. I think that's what I needed. After all this shit I just needed a chance to break down that I didn't get.

You know what happened then? He picked me up and brough me inside pat my head and left. The bastard's been able to cross our protections this whole time... this whole fucking time. I dunno if he was 'respecting' our boundaries or what. But he can cross them. He brough me inside. put me on the couch and left. Well kinda. he went back outside and just stood there and watched like he always does. He was curious, confused and... worried?

I'm so fucking confused right now... so damned confused...

I haven't told Taben or Ryan any of this. I think Taben's happy to believe that Slendy's not wanting to cross barriers. I'm just.. really confused... Dos this mean he's not malicious? Does this mean the barriers don't work? What the fuck does this mean? Meh... I need to go. I gotta pick up Brennon from the airport soon. I guess he changed his ticket to do an overnight flight home cause of some fuckery with tickets for the game.

Bran, I saw your comment on his blog, and we'll let you know what's going on when we're ready. I haven't even told Taben and Ryan yet. It's just.. a lot of fuckery. I have no clue what to make of it or how to react. After my freakout lastnight I just feel... blank... and numb. And confused of course.

So.. is Slendy my friend or my enemy? I don't know what to make of him.

I want him to be my friend though. That'd be cool.

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  1. So I saw this at school and I shouldn't have read it because I've had this horrible, weird feeling in my gut since then. And I should have just waited until I got home.

    Aiden. Aiden. Please. Contact Sandra immediately. Ask her if He's been missing lately.

    And please, let me know what's going on between you and Brennon. When you're ready...of course...

    If he turns out to be your friend, can you tell him to stop bothering us?