Friday, February 18, 2011


...Waiting for Bran and Seth to arrive, then heading to the zoo.

Gorgeous day here. Already in the 50s. Think it's going to get warmer than predicted.

Taben's still spazzing excitedly over his presents from Matty.
"They're just peices of wood" I say.
He just squeals "I know... but they're from the TOWER!! THE Tower!"
"But Marble Hornets is said to be fake." I counter
"I don't give a damn! It's what infected me so it's real. It's one of the biggest piece of Slendy's history.!" He defends. "We'll ask Slendy if it was real or not. If he knows the tower."

I'm wondering how Matty will react when he sees Slendy for the first time. He's still not come around. We figure it's just a matter of time.

Anywyas, off we go. Will update later, likely before bed.
Stay safe and eyes open.

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  1. We'll be there in about an hour. Mom and I have to go pick Seth up and then we'll head up there.

    You guys like paczki? Mom bought some and wants me to take them with us.
    They're these awesome Polish donut things.