Sunday, February 20, 2011


Well... crap.

Apologies for m horrid typing lastnight/thismorning. I was so freaking tired. I could hardly see straight.

Ayways, now that Matty, Bran and Seth are on their way home and Rizzy's still sound asleep I feel I have time to go through and write this all out. I took notes and wrote it all down lastnight as it happened. (yeah I couldn't remember it all I have a bad short term memory, always have, I always write it down besides the whiteboard's only so big and we have to erase it after so many questions anyways)

Anywyas. We went to a furmeet with some of th local fluffs, had good food and lots of fun. Came home. and enter the house to see Slendy sitting and waiting for us at the table. He's got the whiteboard in front of thim and his arms crossed the marker in his hand. He's just sitting there watching the door as though waiting for us. I got a sense of being annoyed.

Matty and Seth spazz out and we have to calm him down. And I walked foward and took a seat across from him and simply asked "So you're ready to answer our questions now?" He simply nodded. Taben grabbed my notebook and pen and gave it to me as he sat beside me. Brennon sat on the other side and Bran and Seth sat beside Brennon tnat Rizzy and Matty sat beside Tabe. Kinda weird the egregation that was there but not noticable unless you knew how the sides wer all connected and all. Anyways. Here's how the converation went.

Slendy: Sotheteameshaveunitedandbecomeone.Itisalwaysgoodtoseeunity.Youshoulddoatotalgathering.Itwouldbepleasant.

Aiden: I hate when you write like that.

Slendy: Icouldnotwiteatallifyouprefer.

Taben: No, no. We have questions and we want answers.

Slendy: Youdonotneedtobesodefensive.Iamnotheretoharmyou.Ihavediscussedthiswithyoubefore.

Taben: I'll continue to be defensive as long as you're stalking my son. I do not trust you when you say you are keeping him safe.

Slendy: Iunderstandparentshavethatsenseofnottrustinganyone.PleaseunderstandthatIamkeepinghimsafe.

Bran: Wait, so you're familiar with ///It///? That's what you're referring to right? He's after Allen? What about the rest of us. You said you weren't stalking us.

Slendy: Idonotstalk.Stalkingisforcreepers.Iamnotacreeper.

Aiden: That opinion changes from person to person. You are pretty creepy and do seem like a stalker. That was not the question though. Why not answe the question.


Aiden:Why? I mean Why watch over us? And yet you chase others and try and take them? Or even kill them?

Slendy: Whydoesadogbitesomeandnotothers?Whydoesitbarkatsomeandnotothers?Whydowolveskilltheirprey?Whydoesachildcrywhenpunished?

Aiden: it's just... natural? Or are you like.. the Grim Reaper? Take those who's time it is.

Slendy: Yes.Idonotharm.Isimplytake.TheDarkOnehowerverleafvespeopletosuffer.Theydonotdyinstantly.Itissureofthat.Itwouldbelestfunforit.

Seth: So You're not stalking me and You say this Dark One is? Is this the same thing as ///It///?

Slendy: Iamwatchingyoubutwishyounoharm.TheDarkOnefollows.Hemeansharmtoall.Itwantstheworldforitself.

Seth: So... what do I do the? And how do I know you are not lying?

Slendy: Ihavenoreasontolie.YoumaybelievewhatyouwantbutIswearuponYggdrasil'sCorethatIamnottryingtoharmyou.

Bran: Wait so you're familiar with Yggdrasil's Core? What's a 'hatchling'?

Slendy looks to Bran he has an air of confusion about him and just looks at her for a long moment.


Aiden: You're avoiding the answers.

Slendy: Youwillfindoutdetailswhenitistime.

Bran: Have you killed M? If not, where is he?

Slendy: Safe.Itiscoldandherunsfastandfar.

Bran seemed relieved at this. She looks up to him for some odd reason. But at least she seemed relieved. Still worried but I think that answer helped her feel better.

Bran: So... what's up with Sandra?

Slendy seemed really adgitated by this question looking between all of us and seemingly defeated.


Aiden: You said you'd answer our questions.

Slendy: IhavetherighttonotanswerquestionsifIdonotwishto.

Brennon: don't even know... do you.?

Slendy paused and looked at Brennon long and hard seemingly concerned? Maybe thoughtful? I couldn't help myself.

Aiden: Heh... So... did you tentacle rape him in his sleep when he was in Texas?

Brennon: Aiden!

Slendy looked taken aback and just looked between us. I never thought i'd be able to surprise Slendy. This seemed to do it.

Slendy: WhileIhavenopeoblemwithsamesexrelationsIamnotinterestedinthem.Oranythingsexualforthatmatter.

Taben: So are you really male? I mean we never had proof.... You gonna show us proof?

Slendy seemed... confused and just stared at Taben thoughtfully.

Rizzy: Taben has a hard on for you Slendy. *giggle*

Slendy face palmed. Frighteningly enough Taben was really really blushing a deep red.

Aiden: Wow.. really Taben? Damn...

Bran: Who are Fox, Crow and Rat?

Slendy: Hallowed.

Bran: ...that's all you're going to give me?

Slendy: Yes.

Bran: So who's chasing Jack and Stephanie? Is it the same thing that's going after us?

Slendy: Perhaps.Itseemsthereareseveralentitiessimilartomethatothershaveseen.Iamnotstupidasyousee.Iamveryintelligentandtocomparethedopplegangerstomeisinstulting.

Seth: What do we do then? Does the salt work?

Slendy: Yousimplywaiteandstayconcentratedandsafe.Idonotknowifthesaltwillwork.

Bran: What's going on with Celeste and what is a witness.

Slendy: Awitnessissomeonethatseesacrimeoractinprogress.Icananswernottheotherquestion.Itisnotaboutyounorisityourbusiness.

Mateo: So... I see you with tentacles most the time. What's with that? Why are there no tentacles?

Slendy conjures forth his tentacls and everyone aside from Rizzy spazzes and jumps away from the table.

Slendy: Andnowyouhaveyouranswer.Theyaresomethingthatcausesfear.Idoittoscare.OrwhenIamangry.

Slendy's tentacles would stack back into his back and we'd all sit back down. There was a long almst uncomfortable silence before Rizzy speaks up.

Rizzy: ....Why are you so noodly?

Slendy looks at her and gets up shaking his head seemingly annoyed at the question.

Slendy: Iamleavingnow.Goodeveningtoyouall.Brnnonahappybirthdaytoyou.AidenandTabenkeeptheyoungonesafe.

Bran: Wait one last question. What *really* happened to Damien O'Connor?

Slendy paused and looked to her thoughtfully then to the rest of us.

Slendy: Theydidnotwanthimtosayanymore.TheDarkOneholdspoweroverthem.

With that he just turned and left. Matty just looked around blinking and said "Why doesn't he decide to start moving faster? Does he only have one speed setting?" We all chuckle then say our goodnights.

And here I am finishing this and finally really awake enough to start taking in what was said. And I'm so confused and so deep in thought...

Stay safe, eyes open.


  1.'s not my fault the heads were the most delicious part...

    Augh...I don't know how Zeke will take this. I'll offer it up anyways.

    ...I think I have to erect some defenses against my new "friends".

  2. Well at least he doesn't know about my screen name.

  3. I have an enormous role in all of this...

    ~ Branwen

  4. I think Bran's right. He gest extremely upset or defensive when anything of Yggdrasil is mentioned or said. I don't know what to make of it. But I do believe Bran is right. You're going to have a very important part in all of this.