Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Quizzes and papers...

Got a quizz in art history, a paper due in writing.. so i can't skip and spend time with Brennon to work shit out. Pisses me off.. at the same time he has to go in to work and get hounded and what not about the whole incident of not getting the story they wanted... even though they sent like five people and have connections with others. Bastards. If Brennon hadn't been sent down there this wouldn't have happened... none of it.

I'm just so pissed. Meh. I need to go. I just needed to vent a little before I did.

At least Slendy's taken his concentrations off of Allen...? Though kinda creeped out that they're suddenly focused on me. Allen could handle him, I'm not so sure I can.

Ok, ok, Taben's bitching about going so we can study. We're gonna be visiting one of his friends after classes today. We need to escape from the bullshit that's been going on... well I do anyways. Taben and Ry still don't know. Not sure if we should tell them, Taben might get pissed at Brennon.... just.. mreh.

Ok ok, going now. see ya all later.


  1. I kind of want to know what he did, but at the same time I feel like it's really not my business.

    He's focusing on you now? Has He done anything else to/towards you?

  2. We just got back from Taben's friend's place. It was nice. They're cool people.

    Brennon never got a chance to make a post. Said he didn't have me to hound him so he didn't. He has tomorrow off, and I have no classes so we're gonna take time to spend it together. I'll talk to him about it. I told Taben what was going on. And.. well he helped me feel better and all. Just a matter of getting through everything. It'll work out. But I don't want to out him or anything. kinda how this started cause I openemd my mouth and said things that I shouldn't have.

  3. doublr post cause i'm an idiot and kinda tipsy and kinda tiered and just didn't read it all through.

    Yes, he's focusing on me, or was. He hasn't been around tonight. or did we see him while out with friends or driving home. HE's not outside the window now either. He's not done anything else towards me. Last I wa him was this morning when Brennon was seeing me out the door. I swear he 'glared' at Brennon. Like he knows what's going o and is angry at him for it.

    I dunno, maybe I'm just senseing things/seing things.

  4. You're too slow and things are too urgent. I've posted a comment to Sandra.

    Turns out He's been missing there. What a nice coincidence.

  5. Actually, more like to Matt, since he wrote the post.

  6. I'm sorry that mine and Brennon's relationship means more to me than the creepy bullshit that's been going on here. I would have gotten to it, and I'm still going to talk to them. But for now, I'll let it go.

    I'd much rather work at fixing the problems that have sprung up in my relationship with my future husband. Just because you're comfortable to not find someone to be as close to as I am with Brennon doesn't mean I want to leave Brennon at the first problem that comes up.

    I'm sorry if it sounds harsh, but yeah, I'm kinda not happy. This is my business. Not yours. Nothing bad has been going on here. Nothing bad at all. The worst thing that's happened is Taben's nightmare that he's been spazing about, but again... Mine and Brennon's relationship comes before *everything* Even creepy no face drama.

  7. Well, I'm sorry. I really am. But things, they aren't going well here. And I have this godawful feeling in my stomach and I know it's not my business and I'm sorry and my comment sounded really...indignant...

    But Aiden. I'm scared for everyone. I know you're trying to work something out. And yeah, maybe nothing terrible has happened to YOU courtesy of Him. But that doesn't mean it couldn't and I really don't want it to and I want to take any necessary precautions because I feel like I need to protect you too.

    And as soon as I saw that He'd been missing there, something clicked and I HAD to ask them.
    If you'd like me to delete it, I will. It doesn't look like anyone's seen it, other than the troll.

    I'm sorry. For that and for being impulsive.