Friday, February 25, 2011


Hello from Carnegie Library in Houton, Texas. Now can someone please explain what the fuck I'm doin here?

I woke up about two hours ago.  In a hoetel room. didn't know where the hell I was. Had my wallet and my cell phone on the bedstand beside me. I get up. look around. realize I've no clue where I am and the last think I rmember doing is getting ready to go out and get food.

And now, here I am... in Texas. I'm really wanting to beat Slendy right now... I'm sure he's to blame. least it's warm here? though I'm trying to figure how the hell to get home.

I can't call. I call out and everythings fuzzy. this is the only thing that's worked. I've not seen Slendy anywhere but I'm certain he's the one that brought me here. I'm... really a bit concerned. Isn't this where there's a 'turf war' going on? Yeah a bit paranoid... just a bit.

I'm ready to go home now. I'm gonna go explore more. Maybe get a differnt hotel that's closer to here. it was a good long walk for me and wasn't a very safe one either. Just... ugh.

Gonna go check things out... I'll try and report back later.


  1. Uhm....holy shit.

    At least you're not hurt? If you see any proxies, get the hell out of there. Hide somewhere.
    Glad you're alright though, love.

    Want me to talk to Sandra?

    ~ Branwen

  2. I'm becoming more and more confused....

    And.. seeing you curse amuses me. You like never curse.

    I dunno if talking to Sandra will help. But try if you can.

    I got back to the room. There was a laptop here. Amd a sketchbook. And a list. I'm so confused.

    I'm gonna see what I can figure from this stuff. I have a monster headache as well.

  3. Cursing has become a new favorite past time since this started. Mostly because I'm just running on pure frustration when I do it. :D

    Everyone's amused when I swear. Jimminy Christmas...

    I'll just ask her how close they are and see if I get a response.

    A list? A list of what?

    ~ Branwen

  4. I just remembered something.

    If we ever converse with Slendy again, which I'm assuming we will due to these events, can we ask him about Pete?

    There's a person of that name wandering the blogs trying to find his memories. He asked Sandra to try to talk to Slendy for him. I told him we might be able to try too.

    ~ Branwen

  5. I told Slendy when I saw him to come by again. my understanding is he'll be here when it gets dark... I've got an hour to go. I'll see about making him give me some answers. I'm gonna make a new post.

    I had to look this over and then I remember your poem. And... I'm so... I don't even. I'l make a post. I got a cheapo crappy digital camera... I still want to know where the fuck this laptop came from...

    I always wanted my own laptop... does this mean I get to keep this?

  6. I likely will... wonder if this is a present from Slendy to me... like PReston was to Sandra :3