Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Breakfast with Slendy

Seems we have a new breakfast buddy. I'd cheer but I don't know if I should. Apparently cheering or thinking things are cool gets you berated and nagged at. So instead of just being me, I hav to be... someone else...? Does. Not. Compute.

Anyways we're all sitting down to breakfast and what not. There's a click as the back door unlocks and we look at it opens and our dear friend Slendy enters and then moved to a spare seat and sits down. I just raise a brow at this and everyone else is spazzing and freaking out. Taben's the coolest acting one so I have him get the white board and a marker. he does and sets it in front of Slendy. Slendy looks at it, looks at us and seems to sigh but picks up the marker pops it open and gets ready to start writing.

I stop him. "No, no funny bullshit this time, dude. I have questions, I want answers."

He looks at me long and hard as though debating on if he should give in.
Then he turns and writes quickly and seeming annoyed. "Fine"

This is how the rest of the conversation went.

Aiden: "Oh, so... first off... What. Is. Your. Deal?!"

Slendy: "Ithoughtyouknewthat?"

Aiden: "Ugh don't tell me you're going to write like that here too. dammit. How am I supposed to know? You never say anything you pull bulshit prank ideas on us. You obviously aren't going to kill any of us. So what's the point? Why are you stalking us? What's your beef?"

Slendy: He seems to be thinking long and hard on this. "DespitepopularbeliefIprefercowactually"

Brennon: Snorts and busts up laughing.
Taben: Has that amused smirk on his face.
Ryan: finishes his food and disappears to the room.

Aiden: "Smart ass."

Slendy: "IbelieveIamverysmartbutitdoesnotcomefrommyass.Ihaveabraininmyhead."

Aiden: " what's up. Are you going to kill any of us?"

Slendy: "Thatwouldbecounterproductivedon'tyouthink?"

Taben: "Counter productive?"

Slendy: "Ilikethelittleone.Heiskindandhasalargeimagination.Iwanthimsafe.IfIharmanyofyouhewillnotlikemeandwillnotfeelsafe.

Taben: "Well if you tell me what he thinks then that'd be a huge help. He has issues with---"

Slendy: abruptly cuts Taben off "Iamawareofhisspecialneedsandhisissues.Theyhidehistruepotentialfromtheworld.
Heiswisebeyondhisyears.Hewillgrowtobethesmartestwemayeverknow." He pauses a long while "Asidefromme,anyways.NooneissmarterthanIam."

Aiden: "Ok... well... what about out guests who are coming? You're not going to hurt them are you? Or do anything to them? Your torturing them and making thm go out of their mind."

Slendy: "Itisnotme.Ihavenothingtodowiththem.Ihaveseenethembuttheyoungonelikesthegirl.IwillnotharmherIonlywishhersafe."

Aiden: "What about her friend? Seth? He's coming as well. You're not going to cause porblems are you? I swear to the Gods above that if you harm anyone here or ruin Brenon or Taben's birthday weekend I will find a way to KILL you if I have to find the Yggdrasil myslle and beat you with it's branches till it destroys you!"

Slendy: Gets up quickly and defensively almost and seems to... glare down at me as he writes. "Iwilldonosuchthing.Iwillcausenoharmtoanywhocomeshere.You willallbesafeundermyprotection.Theoneswhofollowherarenotofme.Ihavenothingtodowiththem.Iwillkillthemiftheyget

Aiden: "....I never mentioned them to anyone. I keep that stuff quiet. I don't need people here getting paranoid...."

Slendy: "Iapologizeforspllingthebeansasyourkindsospectacularlyputsit."

Aiden: "yeah ok.. well..either way I... I trust you... as odd as I feel saying that."

Brennon: "His intentiosns do seem pure. At least... I think. You know how I am with reading people."

Taben: "How do ou read something of the paranormal? I always get kind of freaked out around them"

Slendy: "Areyoufreakedoutnow?"

Taben: "Well... no... I mean... not really. I'm curious."

Slendy: "Andnowyouknowwhatprotectsyouall."

Aiden: "So it's our curiosity? Kinda like you won't hurt Sandra because of the way she's not afraid of you?"

Slendy: He seemed to hesitated and looked between us like there was something he wasn't going to say. Then he writes. "Imustgo.Iwillbebacktonightandyoucanquestionmethen."

Aiden: "As long as we can hold you to that."

Slendy: He moves to leave then pauses and comes back picking up the marker and he looked to us almost... pleadingly I'd say. He seemed so.. innocent... and hopeful as he jotted it down. "AmIinvitedtothebirtdayparty?"

We all couldn't help but laugh at that. Taben simply nodded and he seemed pleased with our amusemnt and joy and left.

So.... yeah. I don't know why... I just.... feel like I'm cheating here or something. I should die and be hunted like everyone else... but I'm not. How is that fair? Will it change? I guess we'll see in time. I'm so confused right now. Also, why did he hesitate and seem uncomfortable when we brought up Sandra? Ugh It's all confusin and a bit bothersome. A bit scary and just all.... well there's a lot of questions being asked in my head. Why me. Why? There must be more to it than just Allen's well being.

Ok... I'm done. I'm going to go out caching with Taben for a bit. I'll see ya all later.


  1. This is confounding and relieving at the same time. I got like, 3/4 of the way through this in IM today before the bell rang. Seth was reading over my shoulder, so I won't be trying the behavior experiment after all. I don't even think I'd need it anymore. I don't think it'd work anyways.
    Which is the other relieving factor, because now I don't have to terrify the poor boy just to see what happens.

    Can we ask Him about my Him petting my dog next? Because I think I was right about you guys being Sandra and us being Jack Tyler. And I want to know if it was Him during the Gentleman Wolf meeting.

    And the animal proxies. Oh what fun.
    Both Crow and Fox are back. Crow keeps jumping about barking dogs. He started clinging onto Fox and Fox pushed him off into the mud. This is fun.
    It's like they're the dumb cronies of some villain. :D
    I'm more wary of Fox though. He doesn't seem as stupid as crow.

  2. Hoooooly carp. *talking to slendy doesn't compute*

  3. @Bran: I'll try. Something tells me he'll be avoiding us till people arrive here, So when people arrive tomorrow night I'll ask him. We can show off our tall friend :3

    @Shelby: I'm not the first who'd done it. I got it from the people of the H(a)unting journal. If they can do it, I figured why not try it ourselves. Of course it's only reliable when he wants to be talked to or answer questions (see previous Valentine's Day entry for clarification)