Friday, February 4, 2011


Everything is fine and dandy here... still. We're trying to keep ourselves busy. Taben got into this thing called Geocaching. It takes our minds off our possible impending doom and is kinda fun. Well.. when we find stuff anyways.

Just not been anything to report really. He's here. He's always here He seems to be a constant. The only time He's not here is when Allen is at school. But when Allen's home there He is. The way he stands by the back door, it's like he's just waiting to be invited in.

I was thinking though... maybe he is; waiting to be invited in, I mean. Every year on Samhein we put a new ring of protection around out house. I've noticed that he doesn't past the point where the ring is. Like... ever....

For any that is not familiar with pagan rituals, placing a ring of protection around a house, room or dwelling is basically a ritual whre we set up a barrier that evil/angry/malicious spirits can't pass over unless they are invited by the person or people that perform and set the spell. In this case, Brennon and I.

At the same time this concerns me. It tells me that Mr Slendy is indeed evil/malicious/angry or what have you. Because he hasn't attempted to cross the line. He always stays those two or three inches from the door sides of the house where the herbs and salt were laid. I don't like the idea that this likely proves he's evil and wants to hurt us.... I've been trying to bring myself to believe he's a nice talk faceless man that is just curious and wants to make sure we're safe. I really wish I hadn't thought about that. Now I'm sorta kinda creeped out :\

It's all Bran's fault.

In other more amusing news, Brennon was telling me about this dream/nightmare that he had lastnight.
Slendy tentacle raped him. Yes, apparently Slendy likes himself some gay males. And Brennon now clames that Slendy is a, and I quote "Well equipped male with manly junk". I can't stop laughing... but at the same time I'm really hoping it *was* just a dream. Brennon's out of town on assignment. So... he wasn't here and safe with us lastnight. I dunno though... just... ugh now I got myself thinking about that now. >:[ If I find out Slendy's raping my mand I'm gonna be pissed >:[

Anyways gonna go off here. We're gonna be getting up early and see abut doing some Geochaching and getting out of the house for a bit.


  1. ...maybe I'll stay up at your place for a bit after your party...annnd you can take my geocaching with you? ;D

    Part of me is confused, jealous, irritated, and relieved all at the same time. That He hasn't hurt you.
    This new information just sent a tremor down my spine though. If that circle of protection is really helping you and He really IS malicious, then I hope it continues to do so.
    Keep believing in it.

  2. I have no words right now.

    Bran, don't worry about Slender Man getting him because I'm gonna throttle him when I get home. I'm really regretting deciding to log in and check in on people.

    Ugh, I need a drink.