Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I'm so tiered.

I think we're all to the point of being overwhelmed by everything.

Tabn totally snapped today over silly little things. He's tiered, spent all evening working on cupcakes for Allen's school Valentine's Day party. Slendy came in and Taben just turned on him and started rattling off a string of curses, finishd taking pictures of the cakes and then stomped off to his room. Poor Slendy (did I really just say that o-O?) was so lost and confused. I told him we were all tiered and on edge and it has been a busy day and the weekend would be the same. Why did I explan it to him? I know he knows.

I feel so.... I don't know... I'm the black sheep once again it seems. Everyone else has trouble with Him and here I am feeling sympathy for him. What. The,. Fuck. Seriously.

I can't compute any of this in my head anymore. I'm going to bed.

I'll post at... some point this weekend... gonna be busy with Matty and Rizzy comig in tomorrow then Bran and Seth coming up Friday. I really need to get to know this Seth better. He's the one having the biggest problem with Him? Meh. I'm so lost and confused.

Where's my Goddamned road map to life? I could really use it right now.


  1. You'll like Seth. He's a real easy to get along with kid. And I've already informed him about Taben. He says, "Alright. Cool!"
    He's actually really excited to meet all of you. He's only worried about switching pronouns for Taben.

    Sorry you feel that way...I really wish we weren't having problems. I like Seth being well...Seth. It'd be cool if we weren't apparently being followed by the Other One, and Seth and Slendy could be like...bros. Or something.

    Hopefully everyone's chill for this party business.

  2. That's good about Seth then, I was afraid he was some sort of hard on christian kid. I dunno why I got that feeling about him. It's not that I have anything against Christians it's just.. well yeah. bad expreinces in the past. As for the confusion of pronouns, it's fine. worse comes to wrst Taben smack him around a bit like he threatened to do you when you first met him ;p

    look forward to meeting Seth and hope Slendy's kind to him and stuff. I'm so damned tiered so sorry if this is all muddled and making no sense.