Monday, February 14, 2011

Slendy says Happy Valentine's Day

No seriusly. We invited Him in, handed Him the fucking whiteboard. Asked him to sit down and we started an interrogation. Myself, Brenno and Taben. One thing after another after another. What he wants, is he friend or foe, is he going to hurt Allen, is he going to hurt any of us. What's he doing to our friends. What did he do to Bran's friend Seth? On and on and on. He sat there quietly (duh) holding the white board and the dry erase marker we hadthrust upon him and looking to each of us in turn as we asked our questions.

He looked at the marker, at hte board then started writing, got up and set the whiteboard down and handed me the marker. The board read "Happy Valentine's Day"

Taben looked at the board then at Slendy and screeched "You are *not* SPLENDOR MAN!!!" Allen suddenly made an appearance downstairs and ran over and hugged Slendy and Slendy summons forth his tentacles and gave Allen a box of chocolates and a little plush tiger. Pat his head then lets himself out.

I wonder where the hell these came from... but...

I have chocolate now. Allen doesn't like choicolates and he gave them to me. And we're all sharing. nommy chocolates are nommy. I'll forgive Slendy this once... maybe...

Taben's still fuming. Brennon's amused... and trying to steal my chocolate. I told him to go get his own.

In lue of everything... I guess... well... Happy Valentine's Day. Easily the best I've had in a while :3


  1. WHAT.

    'Kay. Next time you see Him, tell him to stop being such a spaz with us. And to get His cronies out of my yard and away from the car.

    I want some friggin' chocolates. >:(

    Whatever. I have cake. Nom~

  2. Ffffff I'd rather have the cake D: Trade me trade me!