Monday, February 14, 2011


Am I the only one who's NOT single that hates Valentine's Day? I hate the stupid consumerist holiday and the way it makes people without partners to feel like total shit.

Oh, let's also add in that they have yet to make gay friendly valentines.

Screw you v-day. Screw you and your bull poop.

Just had to rant a bit. Sorry.

Taben and I are going caching now. See yall later.


  1. It's fun if you celebrate it in a "Yay we're friends let's all nom cookies and chocolate and give hugs nao :D" kind of way.

    Because that's how my day went. :3


    Curse you for having a GPS. >:(
    I don't know where ours is or if we still have it, but I'd go caching too...
    There's like...eight billion things super close to my house. No lie.

  2. I want lots of noms and chocolates and stuff. Brennon keeps askig what we're gonna do. I keep telling him nothing. He keeps saying we need to do something. and back and forth and back and forth. maybe I'll make cupcakes... or something.

    And we don't have a GPS. Taben just has a nifty phone with some nifty geocaching program thing on it. It's nice. 3 of 5 found today. Gives us a happy. Seriously. When you're up here for festivities we'll go. You should sign up for the site and stuff. Also if I remembr right, there's a thread on geocaching without a gps. It's just usually easier with a GPS but yeah. Seriously, need more geocaching partners :(

  3. Mom, dad and I are having dinner with Kate here. I also ate some people's candy (they let me). And cookies. And I have cake from Brad's party. And now I'm selling chocolate for band.

    Oh...well...I also lack a fancy phone. :(

    I did sign up. That's how I know there are kajillions of caches around here. xD

    I WOULD BE EVER SO HAPPY. We'll make Seth go too.

    Without a GPS...? They just like...give clues and stuff?

    Oh hey. Looks like Skyler said something...

    Uhm...not to change the subject. But you guys haven't seen any shady people around, have you? Or is that just us? Specifically anybody wearing an animal mask.

    Anybody that's NOT a furry. Like...a crow mask.


    that's the topic. read through it and you may find something. And yes, we'll go and drag him as well. :3

    As for people. Uh... no one suspicious no. It's kinda creeoy. I mean the one chickl mentioned forever and a day ago keep doing what she used to d. But it's like... she's not there for long. I swear Slendy sees her and loke... chases her off.

    Makes me wonder though, because.. well she can see Him... but... she's scared to death of him so she can't be working for him... Hmm... thanks, now you've givven me more questions >:[

  5. I count one crow and a rat. Assuming these are three different people (the first I saw had a different shaped mask than the others, the little bit of it that I saw)...
    I was wondering if there was a fourth with you.

    The first's looked kind of like a fox mask. How annoying.

    A crow, a rat, and a fox.

  6. Hmm... I'll keep my eyes out for anything suspicious.

    I talked to Brenno and Taben and we've agreed if/when Slendy shows tonight, we're inviting him in to chat. I'll post how it goes up here if it happens. It's getting late though and with us needing to be in class in the morning and all... yeah. damned early bed times >:[