Monday, February 28, 2011

I think my rage is out.

I got back at him. I asked Taben what to draw. Taven said to draw him some fan art. I told him I was in a Slender Man mood. Taben said to draw Slender man and one of teh Delura characters meeting.

So I did. Not, this is after we've had some vodka in our systems. So maybe it's funnier to us than it may be to you.

Delura charactr Doc and Slender Man meat. Note, normally Doc i some sort of spider like creature with a shell and all. But when he comes out of his shell he's all tentacly and stuff.

So first Doc meats Slendy and falls in love....

 Then Slendy gives Doc Head. And everyone is hapy.

That's what you get Slender Man. You joke about tentacle raping my man I have a fictional tentacle creature tentacle rape your... head... yeah....

Gods I'm so damned drunk....

We had an interview, all be it short, with Slendy tonight. Oh fuck my typing's off. I'll post interview tomorrow after classes. I'm hitting the sack. I'm so frucking loose right now...

Dammit... took me like 30 minutes to get all th typos found.


  1. Heh...Doc still creeps me out.

    ...did you ask about about Pete or Slice by any chance? Eh...I guess I'll find out.

    ~ Branwen

  2. I swear, Taben has an inner tentacl fetish we don't know about. He's all squee over Doc the way he was over Slendy at one time. Maybe if Doc came out as being real he'd calm down... Do have to admit they have intersting characters. Though the pics are totally out of character for Doc I guess. I dun care. I had Taben squealing and laughng. Taben said Matty was rolling when he showed them.

    I'll get th interview posted when I get home from classes today.