Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I am okay

I'm fine, had to sit through another day of classes.

Brennon's spazzing out thinking I'm oh so bad off.

No, I'm not. I. Am. Fine.

He gets pissed everytime I say it like it is.

It was really cool and awesome and... yeah.

Maybe if Slendy comes tonight (part of me hopes he doesn't cause Brenno's pissed at Him), We'll try and have another chat. Oh and Brennon's trying to convince us not to accept gifts from Him anymore. Right. Because pigging out on chocolate He gave me is exactly the reason that he took me for a ride to college. He showed up, out of nowhere. I asked how he did that. He grabbed me and we were gone. Next thing I know I'm at the college.

Brennon gets pissed everytime I say it was cool. But really... it was really cool. You know how much we'd save on gas if he could do that for Taben and I every day? ah well. If only. heh


  1. It wasn't cool. I had a glaring match with Crow for like half an hour because I thought they had something to do with it.

    And like, apparently people are dying.

    It's probably awesome if bad stuff isn't happening to you, but I almost threw up when I read you disappeared.

    Please be more careful.

  2. Sorry? I didn't know a simple question being asked would turn into me disappearing.

    You wanna blame and bitch at someone, you can do so towards Slendy when you come up here. He seems interested in this whole birthday party thing. At least that's what I gathered.

  3. As long as He doesn't disappear people while we're up there. :l
    Tell Him to cut that out.

    I happen to have Friday off from both schools. Seth will probably just skip because he does that.
    Would you mind if we arrived earlier?

    And if Crow doesn't follow me up there, that will be awesome. If he does, I apologize in advance if there's any trouble with proxies. =/

  4. Showing up early is completely fine. Well wait for you to get here before we go outs and abouts. There was talk of a zoo that day and some caching. What time you gonna be here?

    I'll tell Him. Doesn't mean He'll listen though. The big silly lug :p

    As for proxies. We have no tresspassing signs up that explicitly state tresspassers will be shot on sight. We aren't joking either. I'll send word to Slendy Man as well. If proxies mess up the weekend for Taben and Brennon I will NOT be happy and WILL kill things. I like having airsoft guns that look like the real thing. People see them, crap their pants and run. in about that order.

  5. I'd estimate early afternoon. 12:00-1:00?

    Crow. Has hardly been around. But is annoying nonetheless. So is Fox. :l