Sunday, February 13, 2011

WTF.... seriously Taben? Seriously?

So we're working on cleaning up today and all. Ry leaves to go get Allen, Taben has problems on his computer and asks me to check it out. So... I come nto his room and do so... and I'm looking and I'm perplexed. Nothing's wrong at all.... then... then I see it. I wasn't sure what to think of it. I went to my room grabbed my camera and.. well here it is.

I take some pics and go and ask Taben WTH? He starts laughing and giggling. Yes, you see it right. He took some of Allen's legos and made a lego Slender Man. As if it weren't bad enough we're being stalked by the real thing. Though, let's add in the fact that we've got a plush in each room. Allen has one, Taben has one then there's the one Taben made me. So now there are four small Slender Mans running around in the house... or rather standing. I dunno. It's weird.

Yeah, life's been pretty uneventful. No sightings of Him. Free day tomorrow is going to start with some geocaching and then a frap and then lounging around the house. Bits of cleaning and working around the house through the day. Thursday's the day. the out of towners come in and then Friday Eve/Saturday morning Bran comes in, possiby with a friend. Let us know when you know for sure Bran. We want to be sure to get enough food supplies and a large enough cake for everyone we'd have here. Also get in touch with me in reguards to rooming aranrangements. I'm trying to figure out how to do the rooms and all. someone's gonna have to share as since Taben and co moved in we've only got three spare rooms. And we've got two out of town guests coming.

Ok, that's it for now. Now to lay on the bed, veg out and read. I like uneventful relaxing weekends. Especially when it involves such nomtastic foods.


  1. I'm dragging Seth with me. I need to see what happens and I'm getting him out of his house.

    Count on two of us.

    Also, I can totally sleep on a couch or something. I love couches.
    Band geeks can sleep everywhere. ;D

  2. Sorry I can't relate like Taben can. I was the track geek. Wouldn't sho for anything though, I was and still am slow as hell :p

    And we'll see what we can do for you. We'll have one free room so you and SEth can fight over it :p

    Does Seth know how Slendy is around us?

    Also, odd thought:
    Could our plushies be protecting us? If so then why are they protecting us? Intersting thought. I really need to beat Slendy with the white board.... well.. not beat but i need to... yeah. i'm tiered. I need sleep...

  3. No. He knows you're also victims. He does not know that Slendy is usually regularly there.

    Bah...Seth can have the room. I will make my den on the couch.

    I...don't know. That's an interesting theory to test...
    I still don't like them. They frighten me.

  4. Of course you're afraid of them I mena hell one of them followed you around the house new years eve
    o-o;; I'd be afraid of that too

    And... what will Seth do if he just kinda sees Slendy sittin back and chillaxin' with us? No... seriously. Cause, we're considering inviting him in. It's too cold at night to stand outside and have him write on a board. and that's lik.. the only time he's really around most the time anymore.

  5. Uhm...I don't know. I didn't know you thought of doing that. I might have to ruin my behavioral experiment and just tell him what's going on with you to avoid a freak out and ensuing mayhem.

    OR. We take him geocaching first. And see if our friend appears.

    Oh man. I don't know what to do now. Should I just warn him?

  6. Slendy always comes geocaching with us. it never fails. We'll be out and then boom there he is. He scared the crap out of Taben today. One of the caches we got was across from the park we usually go to. lol Taben called to me across the street and turned to start looking and boom there was Slendy. that's the loudest I ever heard him screech "F-You" (though he said the whole word) I was rolling.. yes in the snow on the side of the street.

    Anyways it'll be easy enough to explain why the whiteboard's with us. To write down the notes and finds :p

    I'm still curious as to what this behavioral experiment is though so... I don't want to ruin it but yeah, i'm really curious. Do you think he'll flip his lid when he sees us casually conversing with Slendy? Or just when Slendy shows up? Will he think we're 'in league' with slendy? lots of worriesome things there to picture. the worst of them being if he decided to try and kill Slendy and he got hurt instead.

    Either way, I'm gonna be depending on you to try and keep him calm when Slendy shows and help us explain that Slendy is a... well I think a friend....

  7. Yeah, it's partially to see what Seth does, and partially to see what He does around Seth.

    Y'know, considering he mentally abused the boy.

    Like...I'm wondering if how Seth behaves affects how Slenderman does.

    I'm going to warn him that there is a huge chance we're going to come in close contact. But I won't tell him anything else.

  8. First off, yeah. at least warn him.

    SEcondly, what did Slendy do to him

    Finally FFFFFFFFffffff! DX ::flails:: I'm makin' a post. I'm making a frakkin post you will NOT believe this I don't know if I should laugh or cry! I think I'll do both.