Thursday, February 17, 2011

I want to face palm so hard right now.

I can still hear an excited Taben sqealing excitedly from his room over the gifts he recieved from Mateo.

Amongst them were a superior Slender Man Lego critter. A disc containing all the pictures Mateo took while at the tower. And a small envelop of sevral peices of wood from the tower itself. I swear, you'd think that Taben had found the most epic things of epicness by the way he's carryig on. Well... I guess we're  beat on the 'who got Taben the best present' deal. Heh. At least he's happy.

Slendy hasn't been around since Matty got here. Figured he's giving hm time to adjust first and all. He'll show up tomorrow more than likely. I'll record Mateo's reaction when it comes. Also Seth and Bran will be arriving tomorrow. After they arrive we'll be going to the Akron Zoo then be going for some geocaching around here. Should be fun for all. Looking forward to a nice day out with friends and away from all of this madness.

Ok. Gonna try and get to bed now over the excited squealing and giggling of the the school boy Taben.

Good times will be had this weekend. Good times.

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