Friday, February 25, 2011

I don't even....

...know where to begin...

So I come back from food and checking the surrounding area out and stuff. I get back to my room and there's the laptop, the sketchbook and this... what I can only describe as a list waiting for me.

So I went back out, found a small drug store that sold thos small crappy digital cameras and got the pictures from the mem card and onto the lappy. here's what I have.

So I can get online. Jump on AIM and have been talking to Taben and Brennon.

Taben is swearing up and down it's something he made up that he was going to do a while ago. The webpage he made has been sitting there since he got into the whole Slender man thing last August/September. He just never started on it. He links me to his site. Sure enough, there it is. exact same thing.

Kinda creapy. You know what makes it even crepier? HE knows nothing of the whole Slender Man shit that Bran's been dealig with. Namely th proxies. And the poem. But take a moment and look at the first few there.

So... when Slendy shows up in 20 minutes or so, He's gonna have some major explaining. Wonder if He can use a computer... I don't have any sort of note book... and i'm hesitant to do anything with the sketchbook.... Taben said he wants to abandon this project now. (He kinda already did anyways). I guess it's call a 100 theme challenge. Take a character and draw it with 100 themes. just to work on your ability.

I want to do this. At the same time I'm afraid what may happen to me. On the other hand I'm curious.

Hopefully I can get Slendy to take me home. Brennon says if Slendy doesn't bring me home h's going to come down to me. We've been wanting to give Taben and Ry the house to themselves anyways. Their anniversary is Monday. We'll see how things go.

Anywyas I'll take notes from the interview in a word doc. Then I'll post it in the morning. I'm really flippin tiered. So much god damned stress... and walking.. lots of fucking walking...

Wish me luck.
Stay safe yall. Eyes open.


  1. Man...that's not even funny. Not at all. You know...I used to really like that poem.

    Stupid Crow. And his stupid....stupidness.

    Augh. But. I just watched Supernatural. And miraculously feel better about life. Jared Padalecki fixes things.


    That was creepy. I apologize. :D

    Hope you're okay down there...I'll let you know if Sandra gets back to me.

    Stay safe, Ai.

    ~ Branwen

  2. But you said Crow only knew my name. And he didn't know I was being brought down here... Fuck I didn't even know I was being brought down here... I remember wanting food... and wanting to keep you safe. I don't even remember anything else... I was... well I wasn't drunk but maybe I was drunk enough? I dunno.

    I didn't even know the whole poem and all... but.. yeah... I'm so creeped out and confused... Slendy hasn't come yeat... bloody bastard.... watch. It never fails I'll decide to try and sleep and he'll show up... I'm getting there now avtually. yup... yup it's night night time.....

    ....dammit... didn't work... ::frowny face::