Friday, April 1, 2011

11- Insanity

I am leaning on this sharp tip blade
with no balance or support
This insanity is eating at me
And death will reach my soul

Micron Pens, and Watercolors

on Illustration board.
2.5 x 3.5 inc

Insanity, good ol' flaming batshit insanity. I'm sick and tiered of it's bullshit.
It has been around a lot. It comes into the house it watches us. I know It's angry. Let the bastard be angry. At least after Slendy fought with it one last time It left. Really need to thank Da for that when I see him today.

Going to be running around and avoiding the intranet and all life today. I HATE the first day of april. HATE HATE HATE. I've already spazzed out because of what someone did on the blog I follow. But at the same time I maybe.. recognized it was all in good clean fun... right? RIGHT? Pffft whatever. I was unhappy but I'll let that one go. And I'll go running around and stuff.

Going to take Yggy to a toy store. Gotta get some stuff at the art store as well. And other little necessities. Wonder how many looks I'll get being bandaged up all over on my wrists and neck... this is gonna be fun.

Anyways I'm sorry I don't have anything more exciting to post. I don't do the whole April Fool's stuff. So. yeah. Though I was told I should. I just... don't know.

Anyways I'm going now. To the store and other runnin around.

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