Saturday, April 2, 2011


Taben and I are going to run up to the northern more Art store today. Need more Illustration board card. and it's easier to have these than cutting them yourself and possibly cutting yout fingers off. Oh, believe me, Taben has lots of Illustration board since his job's basically being an artist. But again, the whole cutting thing, and with all my injuries and stuff. yeah, I'm not comfortable with that. I didn't do this to myself but sharp stuff scares me right now. As does It.

So yeah, off I go. I don't have anything to post for 12 which would be misfortune. Oddly enough despite all of this I don't have anything that I could consider a misfortune. Look at everything I have. brother sister, great friends a wonderful man beside me who loves me. I've got Da and Ygg. And... well Ok. It's my misfortune maybe. Having to deal with It. Da, He's cool Ygg is awesome. and yeah.

I'm rambling now. I'll get #13 posted when I get home. Nothing really planned for today. I'll see ya later.

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