Thursday, April 21, 2011

Yay for Laptops

And for me remembering to bring mine today.

I know we've not been posting much lately and I do apologize for that. We've been busy gearing up for Allen's birthday party which is this Saturday. I'm still just hoping and praying that we somehow luck out and have no... 'incidents' at it. We rented a shelter at the park. There's going to be a dozen or so kids. It'll be fun... but I hope all the children doesn't lure you know who to the site. The last thing we need is to have Allen's birthdya ruinf because It rears its ugly head.

At the same time, Allen keeps asking if his friend Slender Man will be there. I don't know how to bring this up to him and explain it wouldn't be a good idea. When we try and say anything he throws a raging fit. He wants Slendy there. We parental figures do not really want Slendy there. Imagine all the children there. It'd be like a buffet. ...Gods am I ever fucking morbid.... I can honest to Gods picture that. I'm a horrible human.

So, there's not much to say. We've been incredibly busy. I've yet to get the vidoes really looked over and posted. Also need to look through all the pictures and have Taben say yay or nay. He keeps giving me a grumpy face because I have my laptop and thus am seemingly ignoring him. I stick my tongue out at him...

Yeah... so I think I'm going to just stop there. I'm too distracted here on campus. Ah well. I'll try and do something tonight... may not be able to do much till Monday though. You know, party prep and all that fun shtuffs.

See ya all laters.

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