Monday, April 18, 2011

Pictures and Videos

So, yeah I've been talking to Taben at length about what he's done video wise and for all the pictures we've taken together. And, yeah.

I've not been completely truthful.

I haven't wanted to post any pictures with him in it for his own protection. I'm worried about how people will perceive him. I'm afraid of how people's reactions towards him will be. He's pretty fragile despite the front he puts forward. And I just want him to be... well safe.

I guess though, you can expect to see a page going up in the next few days that will contain the pictures we've taken as well as the video he took yesterday.

I'm still pretty pissed at him for taking the risk of going into the woods when we had a fucking wind storm going on. The fact he told us he was going for a walk around the block helped nothing at all either. I was not happy. Then.. then he had Allen going in with him? At night? We may be in a 'safe zone' but I will not expect It to actually follow through with the deals we've made. Allen could have been hurt... or worse... and Taben was an idiotic ass and took Allwn with him. thank the GODS that Allen got out of there before It got him. Thank Gods allen came and got us. Thank Gods Taben got out of there with my GOOD camera in tact and himself in one piece.

So much stupidity. He's... really lucky we love him. Because... he was just really fucking stupid on so many levels.

The good news. It's raining like mad and it's predicted for the next few days.

Taben's ankle is seriously sprained and he has to wear a brace and stay off it till it's healed all the way. So he can't go risking his life for my benefit again.

I'm gonna go over everything, all four of us will do so together and we'll figure what we want t post and what we don't.

Also, to this 'Guess' person. Thanks. I don't know how, or why, but your last comment to Taben really made him flip his lid. It was a great moment of amusement for all of us. Taben has a bit of an anger problem, when he's bed-ridden and has no means of venting though it's even better. He had a flailing tantrum moment. I'm probably going to the void for saying it, but it's extremely amusing to see his tantrum flails. The fact that us laughing at him sends him into laughing as well is a plus.

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