Sunday, April 10, 2011

cinnamon rolls and chai

I'm rather pleased withmyself with this simple but very tasty breakfast for our champions here. I did it all by myself. That gives me a happy :3

Came downstairs to Taben starting everything. I told him to get out and get working with Todd. Taben prides himself on being the cook of the house so I had to be a bit more forceful and send him on his way. I think I'm getting the hang of that. Though at the same time I don't know if I like having that power. They're my friends not my slaves. Gods guys if wither of you ever feel like I'm slave driving please tell me. I refuse to have nothing more than your cooperation in everything.

Anyways, as I was saying. Cinnamon rolls and Chai tea. I'm trying to convince everyone to stay longer and just hang out and stuff. I'm a bit afraid of what will happen when they leave. I need to keep my eyes on what I want to accomplish. It's hard without the support of my friends. At least I'll have Todd here for a while. We figure the drive back will be alright and doesn't require him hovering over them so he can use that time to train Taben. Taben's lost and confused and has no idea what to do. I don't know how well I can teach him as I'm still learning. I'm just... torn. So torn. The more I learn the more like them I'll become. I don't want to be a killer. I just want to protect my friends. If I loose my friends, I loose myself. I can't loose myself.

Well, off I go to just kind of hangout with everyone. Wanna go check on Taben and Todd as well. I don't know. Otherwise it's just going to be a slow day. We'll be going to Home Depot after everyone's gone. I guess we're gonna go with getting some berry bushes. Will be nice to have Sam make us some pies for hte harvest season. We're also gonna start a full garden this year. Nothing too much just some small produce for use at home.

Ok, gonna go spend time with the others before they have to go. Byes.

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