Saturday, April 23, 2011

Birthday Party

Today is Allen's Birthday part.

We're having it at the park under a shelter.

We'd have had it here, but with eldritch abombinations creeping around we figured it would be best not to. Especially since they seem to have a taste for kids.

It's fun really. Trying to pretend that we have nothing goin on and we're just normal people.

I like living like a normal person. And not as someone that's likely going insane because he feels he has a few Paranormal abilities and his parents weren't killed by some monstrous murderous nightmare. And He's not become guardian over his younger siblings and hasn't been through hell.

At least life is good? I've got a loving husband. (well officially husband next weekend). I've got wonderful friends. It's just, amazing what I have in life. I don't think I could be any happier.

Unless maybe my parents were still alive and I wasn't going through some sort of my own personal hell.

Well, I'm off. Taben's cake idea flopped (like literall it fell off the armature and onto the floor) so we need to plot and plan a cake, we'll prolly just end up going to the store and getting one there. He an do it next year, right?

....I hope there is a next year for us....


  1. Dude, seriously. You don't know how good it is to see you around again. I was xtremely worried and sad and stuff.

  2. I wonder if everyone else feels the same way?

  3. I know Branwen will be. Though she's completely missing. I'm getting worried. I've heard nothing from her or Todd lately. I think ///It/// has been around a lot more lately too.

    He tried to kill Taben the other day... We're just reveling in the peace we've had since. That's all we can really do.

  4. I'm okay.

    I mean, I'm sick. But I'm okay. No worries.


    ~ Branwen

  5. Frap- That's we though. If Taben had been dropped so he was face down in the swamp we found him in it'd have been all over.

    We're still debating if we want to post the video. Taben's a bit uncertain. He gets scared shitless when he just looks at it now.

    Bran- ....Get better.... you know what a fast way to get better is? To not run around like a moron and try and get yourself killed.