Monday, April 25, 2011

I don't even know where to begin.

Oh, my good fucking Gods!
I'm not happy with Todd and Bran. I'm not pissed either. I'm worried. Worried to bits and pieces....

And.... worried about Taben...
I... sent him down lastnight...
He's missing. He never came back.
I'm pissed at myself more than anything at this point. Pissed. Pissed pissed pissed.

I really need to get a fucking grip on myself and my emotions. I'm gonna end up getting everyone killed at this rate. Ugh I was hoping for the week before my wedding to be drama free. Fuck this bull. Fuck it to hells and back.

Remeber guys. You're safe up here... Always will be safe here.


  1. Here's the big low down, babe. Taben has FREE WILL. He 'works' for you as an 'agent'. It's the same with Todd. Hence why, oh my goodness! Todd didn't listen to you and not go! Just like I'm pretty damned sure Taben didn't go either and is just trying to instill the fear of the Gods and guilt in you. He's trying to teach you a lesson.

    In which I say.... Good for him!

    I love you. I really do, we wouldn't be getting married Saturday if I didn't. But by the Gods you really need to get your emotion and thoughts in check. You're way too impulsive. And yes. You are going to get us all killed.

    Hells, that's probably the most intelligent thing I've heard you say in a while. I know you feel this is your battle... and maybe it is. But you need to start going about it differently. What if the next person you get killed is me? Or Allen? What would you do then?

  2. Cheers to Brennon.

    Aiden. Coll you fucking jets, man. I've got a kid to look out for, I'm not about to listen to you and go on a suicidal mission. I'm not a proxy. I am not an agent. I am FAMILY and I'm trying to help you out in a different way. One of us needs to take time to do some thinking since you won't stop and do it yourself. I might be 'bonded' or whatever the frak you wanna call this connection you want. But that doesn't mean I'm at your mercy. I m my own person and will always be.

    Keep your pants on. I'll be back when I get shit figured out.

  3. You fuck-headed idiot, I thought we agreed I'd use your blog to make updates on our 'situation' cause I didn't want my professional shit to be run through the mud and people calling me crazy due to Slender shit?

    Real fucking lovely. I love how I do one thing you don't like and you fucking silence me. Grow the fuck up. You're 21, not 12.

  4. And I reiterate. Fuck you both.

  5. kinda already did, love.