Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Practice makes perfect

Da seems pleased with the progress. Just need to keep working on it. We just came back for some food and some rest time. I'm not getting as much of a headache so maybe I'm getting used to this. The more I use this stuff the better right?

I'm more concerned about Taben he's just kinda. he looks alright but he's acting a bit.. out of it. To be fair I don't exactly know how this is affecting him and all. I hope I don't break him.

Practice makes perfect, right? And.. yeah I guess we'll see what happens. I'm worried for Taben, and at the sam time worried and concerned about his well being here. kinda just.. bleh. ok.

Food's nommed down. Time to get back to practicing. I'll catch ya all later
and have details on what's going on. I don't want to say too much right now.


  1. Physically yes. Mentally, she's still tramatized I think. I mean, we... heard our parents die over the phone. The fact it was her phone that was called I think made it all the worse.

    ...wait... dude... you crushin' on my sis?

  2. What? No. NO. I was just asking because it's the polite thing to do. After all Deans commenting, so as a Gentleman I'm just trying to make sure everyone is treated fairly.

  3. ...when have you ever acted as a gentleman?

    Really if that's teh case, I'm not gonna fight you or beat you. I... kinda actually trust you. Which is odd in itself.

  4. I'm always a Gentleman Aiden, be quiet. It is the case,I'm just making sure everyone is com- what the hell? How is it Odd to trust me?

  5. ...dude, you have tentacles... and call the monster that killed my parents "daddy"

    Normal people don't randomly trust people like that.

  6. Yeah well your sister's hot.

    I win.

  7. And to be technical he's not my Dad, not now that Slendy and I remember what happened.

  8. Just cause Aiden says it's okay doesn't mean I think it's okay.

    Though I don't really care. If it helps, she's crushing on you as well.

    ...wait... tentacles? I've never seen no tentacles....

  9. >:[ Aiden and Dean.... I'm going to beat the both of you! I swear it! I can't believe you guys!

    Ugh! I swear I can't believe you two!

  10. I don't like using them that much. It makes me feel... I dunno, slimy.

  11. That's so freakin' awesome. I mean weird but awesome.

    And shush Sis. You've been wanting to tell him and you know it. You're not denying.

  12. That's not the point! Mom and dad just... they're gone! This isn't the time to be joking the hell around! I can't believe you! It's so inconsiderate! I swear to God I'll beat you! And Aiden will be next when he gets home!

  13. This probably isn't the time to be laughing about things like this, but god you guys.

    I'm not going to be able to breathe.


    Todd can drop that stick off whenever, Yggy. He was there last night, but I guess you guys didn't meet...?

    ~ Branwen

  14. No I fell asleep in the Other Side on the way there. God if you put a baby to sleep there they'd wake up so refreshed.

    Send him over with a Soda please. I'm so thirsty...

  15. If it helps any I could secretly hear her laughig in her room. She's just upset that we've broken her depressive fit. Or something. Glad to giive you a giggle. I'm really amused myself.

    My sissy's crushing on Yggy. It's so cute. Just like the way you crush on Todd ;p

    And Todd's downstairs chowing. We'll stay here till Ygg gets here then we're going out for more... practice.

    And I'm probably going to get punched for coming out and posting. I heard Dean scream like a baby when she punched him.

  16. I'm almost there. I stopped in a sub realm: The Falls.

    Because swimming and then suddenly emerging on dry land is AWESOME. Okay. I'm going to toss my laptop into your bedroom before I dive in. I sincerely hope you catch it.

  17. If you mean with my head, yeah, I caught it.

    Fucking hells seriously. Give the comment time to get into my inbox first next time, I don't hover over my blog.

    Oh there's the tell tale e-mail ding.

    I bet I have a black fucking eye now. Thanks a lot.


  18. I did mean your head and thanks for giving it back.