Monday, April 4, 2011

I just got home. It's not good. not good at all. I just... don't even know.

I want to sleep but I can't. I'm sick of the damned rain. Sick sick sick sick sick.

I think Todd's worried. He doesn't want to leave. I keep telling him to worry about Bran. He insists she's safe.

Fucking hells. Fucking HELLS!

They had nothing to do with anything! Why the fuck!? WHY?!

I hope to fuck you realize it now you.. you fucking THING! This means fucking WAR! I will find a way to fucking KILL YOU!


By the Gods I can't do this... not now... Sam needs me. This is killing her. Fucking hells. Fucking hells. Fuck.


  1. Alright calm your shit down Pony-boy. You can't hurt anyone in anyway right now. So sit somewhere and tell Todd to go back to the forest where they found you. I get the feeling I'm onto something.

  2. What the fuck are you onto? And how can you tell me to just fucking calm down? The fucking bastard fucking Killed our parents. It needs to die. Fucking needs to DIE! UGH Just... You seriously can't expect me to stay calm right now. No fucking way.

  3. YES THE FUCK I DO. I understand that he killed your parents. I fucking get it. You want justice? Shut up and do what I tell you to.

  4. Don't give that THING credibility by giving It a gender. It doesn't deserve any sort of respect or that fucking shit.

    Todd's on his way. What the fuck are you planning, Ygg? What's going on?

  5. It doesn't concern you. Just shut up and stay indoors. Tell Todd to look for a black twig. And I mean REALLY black.

  6. Okay.... whatever yu'r doing, be careful

  7. "The Nine Hells"?...Sorry, I'm not...concentrating. Rain. Rain is bad.

    Hehe. "Thing". Good luck.

  8. Oh my god.

    Ai...god I'm so sorry...

    That's why he didn't stay long...

    Don't worry. I'm safe. We'll be safe. Let Todd help.

    @ Joce: The nine rings of hell. Ever heard of Dante's Inferno? It's actually a comedy.

    ~ Branwen