Friday, April 1, 2011


It was enjoyable. For the most part. Didn't mean to stay out so long. And I still don't understand why the hell Nil stayed home. I told him he could come. I don't mind. So it was just me, Taben and Ygg. And Ygg got to witness first hand the best prank of the year.

See, Taben has this unfound fear of planes landing on him. So while we were out I decided to just randomly stop in the middle of the road near where the landing strip for the airport was.

I think Taben nearly pissed himself. It was amusing as all hells. Course then Taben spazzed me out by faking to have a massive anxiety attack so... yeah...

Got food and brought it home now we're all chowing on lunch and relaxing. Seems as though It isn't around. Slendy seems more than happy to hang around.... I'm cool with that.

Wonder how to get Da with a prank for the day. Hey! Maduin started it! The bloody bastard. Blame him!

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