Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Season One
Episode 12: Faith

The Reaper in this totally reminds me of Da.

And I don't care how many times He slaps me for saying that or how insulted He feels.

Black and white Business suits on pale, dead looking people will always remind me of Him. Really, He should feel flattered.

Also, I've been thinking on this whole thing that Ygg's been saying. How we're all parts of Him. We were just seperated or some such. It just doesn't make sense to me at all. I've come to believe a lot of things since everything started. But that's something that just seems so.... odd. So implausible.

Though the idea that he's the reaper, the angel of death... Maybe we're just his replacements.

Also, I really REALLY did not like the "Scarecrow" Episode. Not at all. But then that's me and my Pagan background and the fact I hate when people portray us negatively in ANY WAY! Seriously guys. We're not murderers that are willing to sacrifice human lives. We do NOT worship the devil. When We take an oath to follow our gods we pray to them and tell them we shall never harm another living soul and shall never speak untruths.

Ugh... just... Ugh....

Anyways... moving on.

Back to watching Supernatural and Da... ouch.... I deserved that... but it's not gonna make me stop referring to Him as the Reaper or to this as the Slender Man episode. Fuck... right he's got multiple tools. Fucking tendrils. Bastard. Ouch.......


  1. [facepalm]

    I forgot to tell you about the Scarecrow episode. There's a few based on Pagan gods. The only one that bugs me is the Halloween episode about Samhain, because anyone that actually looks that up knows it's really just a harvest festival. :l

    But it's just a TV show. Remember, they also have to do stuff for ratings.

    There's another one, MUCH later in the series that's in a wax museum and is more about Paris Hilton being the baddie and getting killed than Paganism. :P

    ~ Branwen

  2. Yeah, anything to boost ratings. And Oh gods. Please don't telll me they butchered Samhain?

    Also, dear? Samhain is not a harvest festival. Lammas is the harvest festival. :p

  3. Oh...what? You sure? Wikipedia says "Gaelic harvest festival". Ah whatevs.

    And...AUGH. I can't tell you what happens because it will ruin ploooooot. D:

    It involves a guy getting possessed and an exorcism...of...sorts. You'll see.

    ~ Branwen

  4. ...I was born and raised pagan, Brennon's mom's a preistess.

    Samhain celebration for the end of the harvest and a celebration where we remember the soulds of those that came before us. It's the best time of the year to contact and speak with our ancestors and relatives that have passed on before us.

    It's a very... deep and solem holiday. Kind of likw what Easter is for Christians.

  5. We do hold Easter in high regard.

  6. Wow... you're a Christian? Would never pegged you as one. You're too laid back....

    color me surprised

  7. And color me stupid. :D

    I should really research things better.

    ~ Branwen