Thursday, April 14, 2011

Into the woods

So, a couple hours ago, we had a pretty beat up Todd appears running from the woods. We helped him in and I got him a change of clothes and let him use the bathroom to wash up.

And then Taben and I went into the woods.

I wanted to get more pictures.  And I wanted to make sure there wasn't a rodent sneaking around.

There was.

You think it's nasty when a Fox and a Rat face off, you should see what it looks like when a Tiger and a Rat face off. It's a good show. Good show indeed. Of course you get another rodent into the fray and.... shit gets messed up.

So we went out into the woods. Taben's walkin' around, I'm walkin' around. I'm getting pictures. We're watching for the peoperty lines. I call out "Taben, you seen the property markers yet?" I'm looking around. Taben's behind me.

"No, not... oh... here's one." It takes a moment for it to process in my brain. Taben's behind me. He's seeing a property marker. I didn't have time to react. Or do anything. I was down before I felt the pain. A nice thick stick knocked me in the head and I went down. I heard Taben thundering through the branches. And then I heard the scuffle. I was just trying to get to my feet. I pulled out my pocket knife. And just went for him. I think I got him a couple times. I don't know. Taben kept tackling and he kept squealing when he fell. We kept trying to take his mask. We couldn't get it. Then... then things escalated. It showed up. And then Todd appeared out of nowhere and then... I don't even know. It was just... all out war. I was pissed, Todd was pissed. Taben was pissed. Then crow appeared. Why was Crow there. I didn't want Crow there. Rat the damned coward was staying behind It. Coward. Fucking coward. Then It started towards me. And then It... disappeared. And took Rat with It. Crow was just there. He looked so confused. He was squawking and panicking.

I tried to calm him down. I tried to get him to calm down. I tried to soothe his frazzled nerves. I think he was confused  I could talk to him and understand him. And he disappeared. I told Todd to get his ass back to the house. He listened. Taben and I made our way carefully back through the woods.

An exciting evening. A nice brawl. I wish I could have chopped off that damned rat's head. Next time. Next time I go with my sword. Next time I'll be better equipped. Tomorrow. I'll go again tomorrow. I'll have more back up then. It'll be war. Now I just need to figure out where the hell Da is. I kinda really need his help.

Oh and Taben informed me we're going on a bird walk thing tomorrow? It's at the park so I guess we're going.
Ok, that's it for now. I'll talk to you all later.


  1. Oh shit, I've missed quite a bit.
    I'm sorry to hear about all the drama...
    I'm also sorry about the mess with the rat. Good luck on removing his head from his shoulders next time you run into him...

    But, I hope things start going better.


  2. I can only hope. Just gonna hope and pray for the best. What else can I do.

    I've gotten used to drama, sadly enough. It's normal it seems. When you're living the life we're living.

    I hope to kill the bastard. Really. Really really do. I'd be so happy if it were me to take his head like he took that poor Dog's....