Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Stick

Ygg's recent post (by the way welcome back, man)made me think back to those infamous videos of Taben trekking through the woods I keep talking about but never get to post.

There's a reasoning behind this. Our YouTube account will not allow us to post more than 15 minutes of video. One video is 18minutes, the other is 30minutes. We're going to see about talking to Ry to use the company YouTube account and set these vids to private but.. really we're uncertain of that. Tabne doesn't want this part of his life to overlap his joib, and he doesn't want to seem like he's trying to advertise his video project and all. So. Yeah. I'm gonna look for a video editing software and see about finding a way to split the videos or something. I dunno how that'll work though. I'm not a video person. I'm an artist. I work with paints and papers and stuff.

Anyways. Bellow are two video caps of a stick Taben found. As I stated in Ygg's post. I asked him if this was his stick. I also mentioned how this tree just enthralled me. I loved this tree. I want to see this tree. But even more....? I want that stick. I want the stick. I want it in my possession. It is mine. And I want it. when we got Taben back from the woods and he told me about the stick and showed me the video, I was livid that he had dropped the stick when It started chasing him. I was livid angry pissed. I want that stick.

Anyways. screen caps till I can upload the video.


 I'll go into the woods with Taben this weekend... likely Sunday... or maybe Monday, and retrieve my stick.

Tomorrow is a day of resting. Saturday I'm getting married! <3 <3

Sunday spending time with friends and celebrating. next week is rest and exam cramming. Thursday is Exams. Friday Brennon and I leave for a couple weeks for our honeymoon. We're still working out where we were wanting to go. Honestly, we were originally looking at Japan... but.. well yeah. We're thinking maybe somewhere in the UK. Still uncertain.

Oh and another note worthy thing to mention. Today in Art History, for whatever reason. Taben decided it was an awesome idea to draw na Operator symbol on the white board. Why he thouht it was a good idea I have no idea. I highly disproved. We always get there super early and are first in the room. I admit seeing the raction of other kids as they came in and looking at it and hte uncomfortable whispers or whipping out laptops to look it up or something was... amusing. That all went away when the preofessor came in and saw it. She's the nicest person. She's quiet soft spoken. She won't even yell at the loud ass bastards that are in the room when they're being.. well loud. She sees the board puts her stuff down. Double takes and stares at it with this look of... I dunno how to describe it. She visibly pales then just yells "What the hell is this shit?! Why is someone putting that damned thing on this damned board?! What the hell?!" She then angrily wrases the mark and is all flustered and growls and yells at everyone to be quiet. It was a very... uncomfortable lecture afterards. At least it was the last one. But yeah. We had never seen her that bad. Now looking bakc though... She's veen seeminglyg incredibly tiered the last few weeks. She's looked dishevled and then Tuesday she started a lecture about the black forests..... and how they relate to Slender Man. And then how they don't. Taben and I kinda looked knowingly at each other.

I think out instructo's being stalked. Tabne and I have decided, after the exam next Thursday we're going to ask to talk to her and speak to her on this. I'm nervous but.. yeah. If we can help her, we're going to help her.

Oh I guess there is one more thing to bring up. Matty. Matty lives in Georgia. Just about a mile if that, from Ringgold. Matty is alright but Taben has been spazzing about it all day. I was just informed Matty has electric three days ahead of the chedule they gave him and is fine. A lot of people he worked with were affected by this. Taben worries about him and wants to go down and see him and what not. So there's a likely hood both of us may drop off the face of the planet as we go on mini vacations. I've never seen Taben this spazzy over something. At least Matty's alright. Unfortunately it means he won't be able to come up here. Some reason the place he works for is using this as a chance to give them super overtime? I dunno. Seems shady whatever. We'll miss you visiting and being here for the wedding matty.

And omg.... I just realized.

I'm getting married Saturday... OMG! Not commitment! (just kiding of course)

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