Saturday, April 9, 2011

See you in the Summerland

"When I get sad,
I remember your promise,
To meet me in Summerland.
Rejoice my love, my dear,
For the day will come for you to lead the way,
No more fear,
In our lives no more grey,
Nothing to weight us down,
For you and I will meet again,
We will make the most of it,
For our time lost,
Which will soon come to an end.
Oh how much I miss you,
But though my heart heavy grew,
With grief so true,
For you, but I knew,
That we will meet again.
And I live for that day,
And I loose myself in the way,
But your sweet promise brings me back.
We shall meet again,
In Summerland.
Our lives, free of chains,
We will go, hand in hand,
And we will dance in the rain.
Nothing bad will ever happen,
Our love won't fall apart,
Nothing misshapen,
Will ever break out hearts.
So I will wait for the day to come,
I ill live for the day you will lead me to Summerland,
We will feel freely, nothing numb,
Oh how I yearn for both,
you and Summerland.
Until then, my Love,
Farewell, my sweet dove."

I didn't write this poem myself. I found i on a search of the internet. Found it here actually. It spoke to me. So I borrowed it. I spoke this poem for my parents today. The ceremony was gorgeous. Brennon's mom did a beautiful send off for them, then I read the above poem. Brennon's working on getting the bonfire started, we're going to have a bonfire. We've got the left overs from the catering service that we'll be munching through tonigh and tomorrow.

I don't know where I'd be withough Bran and company here. It means a lot. And to have Todd show up. I was afraid something had happened to him. I should learn to stop worrying. It's easier to fight off It when Todd's closer. I think it's because It had Todd first.

Well, I've got a surprise for everyone. I'm gonna go out and give them their surprise. We're going to even the odds a little bit. Heh. Taben and Todd are here with me. Taben's smirking. Todd is... I don't know. I see why proxies always stay close to their masters though. Communication's easier. And it's easir to fend off other threats from them. Something's fucking with Todd. I don't like that. I'm gonna protect my family dammit. And for what it's worth, Todd. You're my family now. let's go give everyone a surprise... I... just hope no one hates me for it or trusts me any less.

I'll explain everything here later tonight. For not, it's time to party and celebrate the lives we sent on their way.

Mom, Dad? I love you guys. I'll meet you again in the Summerland one day.

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