Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Yeah... sorry...

Let's pretend that last post never happened. It'd be better that way I think.

That's exactly what happens when I'm upset, depressed, frustrated, angry and haven't had any sleep in over 24 hours.

Brennon came to the rescue with some sleep aids that he hid in our desserts. Dean, Sam and myself all got it. Probably for the best. Still want to punch him for it though.

So, it would seem we're going to become legal guardians for Dean and Candy. And now Candy's wanting to change her name in honor of mom. Maybe it'd make it easier but I'm not sure the legalaties or how to go about that.

Admist all of this we're trying to get everything worked out and get trhough all this asap. The fire marshall has been kind enough to hold off and work around my class schedule. Tomorrow I'll be going down to Columbus to discuss everything with them. And go to Dean and Candy's school and see what we need to do to get them transfered to a school up here. Ugh. I guess in a way I'm going to be a parent one way or another. I'm so stressed and depressed and just.. ugh. Still have to make funeral arrangements. And just... too much going on here. At least we hav Brennon's family helping out where they can, It's a big help. Yay for having in-laws that are also lawyers.

And don't tell me I'm pushing myself too hard. I need to do this. Sitting back and doing nothing will just make me worse. And I might do something that I'd regret.

I still want to kill it. I don't even care anymore. I want it dead.

And I want to know where the hell Yggy went and what's going on.

May not be around much this week... it's.. obviously going to be busy.


  1. That's good. Very good. Sitting around will just make you more depressed.

    And I just laughed. Brennon pretty much just pulled an Artemis Fowl on you. Except with desserts instead of champagne.

    ~ Branwen

  2. I guess we were just so freakin happy to have something sugar fied to use as a coping mechanism tht we just wolfed 'em down and didn't chew. otherwise we'd have noticed.

    I guess tomorrow's gonna go to just planning stuff since Brennon's out doing what I was gonna do tomorrow today