Friday, April 1, 2011

Oh boy

Gonna be interesting tonight. Candice and Dean are here (Sam and Dean as per Bran's preference). It's going to be a long night. We just got done chowing on pizza. We're just sitting and hanging. I'm trying to work on art. Allen's obsession with tops is being filled in with the help of Ygg. You'd think he'd just found the best toy ever. But it works. He's entertained and that's what counts.

We're all just trying to calm down from eating. I'm waiting for Da to get here then we'll be explaining things to them as best as we can.

Oh they now know about It. It was here waiting when they got here. They thought it was Slendy. I felt insulted.
Course when they realized it wasn't Him they started freaking out. I'm glad there's a fair bit of woods between our yards and either of the next door neighbor's. Dean's not sure how we can just not react. Candy's just... I don't know. I'm most worried about her because she always tries to hide how she feels. Dean is... I dunno. They are quite a team together so Bran's reference is good in some part at least.

I kinda want Todd to be here for this as well so he has n idea f what's going on and maybe can explain his own experiences to them. I want to have fun with my siblings this weekend. But... I also want to open up and talk to thim and let them know what's going on. I've nevr turneed away my siblings before and I'm ashamed that I hid them from what's been going on. Candy was just... she clung to me crying and apologizing. She felt my injuries were her fault.

Ugh I wish I could get Bran and co up here again and have another nice weekend. But alas.... here's where w are.

Is it wrong for me to want to enjoy life a bit more before all the twisted terror shit starts happening? I dunno though. I just.. feel it's gonna get real soon.

I don't know what I'd do though... or how i'm going to explain what I can do to my sibs. Ugh. I'm going to try to have fun... but get down to business as well. Let's see if this can really work out this way.

EDIT: Oh, right. We're still looking for a prak we can pull on Da. It's just... how do you prank something that's all knowing? Any help would be appreciated.


  1. Put a firecracker down his suit.

  2. And where, pray tell, would I get that? And get it within the next four hours?

    I also wonder if He'd actually see it as harmless or if I'd have to deal with a wound in my chest or pants... no I can't even belie my thoughts went there.

    I would prefer to not be the person that tells the world if Slendy does indeed have anything down his pants....

    Ugh, I need brain bleach now. Thanks a lot, Frap.

  3. Can't you do that teleporty thing.

    ...I said his. Damn. I dunno, it just feels...unnatural to say that.

    Anyway. You could do what Maduin did with the mask thing.

  4. Well, my understading. You injur Da and he doesn't like it then he's going to injure you the same way. Evan took a bat to Slendy. Got a bad massive internal bleeding going on. Violet shot him ended up in the hospital.

    I know there was other idea. And what do you mean about the mask thing? How Maduin has the rabbit head? It is possible. Though I'm not sure how Taben would feel about me using the head of his costume for my evil deeds. Especially as he'll be using it for volunteering and stuff.