Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Birthday Part: The Sequel!

Well... just thought people would like an update. No odd events thankfully. The only drama that nearly cropped up was when another family wanted to steal the pavilion we had RENTED (ie paid for) wanted to steal it from under us. But it didn't happen. Park Ranger showed up and chased the other group off. Then people started showing up for our party and Allen had a blast and Taben felt better. I'm still pissed that Brennon had to work and missed it. and Sam and Dean stayed home to work on reports and catch up work and stuff. It was nice though.

We came home and We started assembling Allen's loot. He got some legos (Allen's favored) which he's working on putting together, and then we got him two Beys and an arena for battling in. Yeah, look what Ygg got started. We'll blame him fully and completely. I'm still laughing maniacally that  Taben cut himself on one of them as he was putting them together. And then cut himself AGAIN when he grabbed one WHILE it was spinning. He's still cursing silently at me for laughing. I mean c'mon man, there's some metal part and sharp parts on these. They are called BeyBLADEs after all :p Oh and we may have a new recruit for battling. One of Allen's little classmates that came. Her brothers have a good collection. She told them when they picked her up and they started talking to us about meeting up to battle. That... that would be awesome :3

So we came home, and now Taben's boiling eggs for coloring and decorating. Allen's playing with his Lego space ship. I'm here waiting for Brennon to get home. He apparently has a late night tonight. We have plans to go out and try and finish up wedding plans. We were very pleased with the caterers we had for the Summerland ceremony for my parents. We'll have them here for the wedding. Brennon's mom's likely going to wed us. We need to meet up with them to go over the ceremony we wanna do. I guess we'll see. We may go over there tomorrow, since Taben and Ry will be going over to Taben's parent's place. In the morning Taben and I will be going to a bird walk where we can bird nerd and take a hike together. It'll be lovely I'm sure. I like getting out into nature with him. It's relaxing and a great way to spend time with him.

I guess I'll leave that like that for now. We're still debating with the videos. Taben is just... well I've not seen him this scared and paranoid since before they moved in with us when Slendy first started stalking him. Now ///It/// has tried to kill him so there's a whole new level of paranoid. Getting out and being around nature and people usually helps. So. With luck it'll help to do that with him tomorrow before he has to go endure his parents tomorrow. And his other blood family. Not that his ma and da aren't nice... they're.. decent people. Easy to get along with. But... well I'll let him tell it his way.

So.. yeah. Egg decorating time. I'll get an update in when I get a chance to. :3


  1. Analysis: upload commencing. Upload complete. Analysis:

    Subject: Aiden Clarke. Status: Semi-stable. Abilities: Competent. Emotional status: Strong. Threat level: Moderate. Intelligence level: Moderate. Potential: High. Danger: Moderate.

    Insufficient data to continue analysis.

  2. What... the... fucking... hells?

  3. I love Beyblades. You did a good thing with that little boy.

  4. I had honestly never heard of them until Ygg came around. Now it's like... the best thing ever, or at least according to Allen. Only problem is he now will not go to bed until he gets a few rounds of play in.