Saturday, April 16, 2011

So the truth is out...

...Hopefully it'll be worth it...

If I can just save someone, maybe the truth will be worth it.

Just kill me now.


  1. Truth? What truth?

    What are you talking about, babe? You've got me really worried.

  2. Oh... fuck...

    This is gonna get bad fast...

    I'm sorry, babe. Really sorry.

  3. If you worry about such simplistic things, you shan't be able to save anyone.

  4. ...Worry is a natural human emotion. I had reason to be worried. To be afraid.

    Yeah, it's turned out it was all.. just.. stupid unfounded worry... and I shouldn't have worried about it. At the same time, in a way. I think I at least saved myself.

    I just never realized how much this hidden truth had been eating at me. Now that it's out. I feel better.

  5. Indeed. You can pack up and move on.

  6. ok... I guess that explains everything...