Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wedding Day.

Having an enjoyable time with friends, old and new today. Bran's crew just arrived (we had thought they'd be here yesterday, we were wrong, my bad). And we're just hanging out.

Wedding ceremony will be held at 8:21pm. Sunset. As per tradition with Pagan ceremonies. We got everything fixed up set up yesterday. got some torches and lights. Brennon's mom made our clothes for us. Very nice renissaunce syle tunics and pants. Brennon's sword ahas been polished up. It's been determined he'd take the place f the man in the ceremony. I'm not even nstulted by it. After a long bit of consideration we decided against the hand fastening ceremony and moving right to the marriage cremony. It's not likely that Ohio will allow civil unions of any time in the next year anyways. Hell, we don't even know if we'll be alive in a year. If we are, then we're lucky. But at least we'll have this. I'll be leaving shortly with Taben and Bran. Need to pick up the ring I ordered for Brennon to exchange and have blessed during the ceremony. Brennon will be going as well and taking Sam and Dean. We just heard back yesterday about Sam's name change. It's moved a lot fster than we expected it to. They're expecting her to have her new name finalized by the end of next month. Then it's just social security papers and the like so we can get that all changed.

I guess I'll pause here and go enjoy the company and all. ice to have everything together. Frap, if you see this and are going to make it just send me an e-mail my way and we'll come get ya. Just keep in mine we'll be here and awating start of wedding a ~8pm and stuff.

Hop some of our lastminute guests will be able to make it. The more the merrier. It'll be nice to have something to really celebrate.


  1. Good luck, Aiden. I'm really happy for you and I hope everything goes well. :D

  2. I'm coming. I got something blue. Are you suppose to get that at weddings? I'm not familiar with them. I once went to a wedding between two Porn Stars and like, someone got the bride blue panties. I don't know if that's...traditional.

  3. And some stuff about something borrowed and something new...

    I honestly don't even know what that poem's actually about.

    ~ Sammi