Wednesday, March 30, 2011

10- Devil

And ten for the devil's own sel'.
Micron Pens, Watercolors and Gouache
On Illustration Board
2.5 x 3.5 inches

Pretty self explanatory I'd say. Mr. Jagged tentacles no dick asswipe It Itself.
Fucktard. I hate you.

At least you're one less tentacle right now.... though I'm sure y'all can grow them out when they're removed... I don't know if I ever want to learn how to grow out tentacles. It's kind of a scary thought.

Also another scary thought. It's pretty fucking pointless to lock the doors while Ygg's here. I don't remember anything after my last post. Well I remember my sell ringing and throwing it into one of the boxes in the closet.... so.. sorry sis... I remember waking slightly with Brennon coming home and climbing into bed beside me. I remember Brennon leaving this morning and getting up locking the door then crawling back to bed.

Next thing I know "Aiden? You awake?" And me spazzing the fuck out. Want a quick wake up? Have someone appear at your bedside to wake you up. At least I didn't loose more of my dignity. But I think I either scared him or pissed him off. Sorry bout that man. Next time just... knock?

I have my coffee now... but this headache won't go away. Maybe food. Matter of deciding what to make for breakfast.

No plans for the day. I'm sure Da will come and make some for me. For now I relax and drink my coffee.

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