Friday, March 4, 2011

Feeling...  as well as I can hope I suppose. I can't talk. My voice is completely gone. I've got a doctor's appointment. That's gonna be dun. Sorry Slendy, gonna have to borrow your white board for the doc office. Not that you've been using it lately anyways.... ass...

Speaking of Slendy. I've not seen him lately.... at all. I've not really  been out of the room either. I've been weak and feverish and don't want to get anyone else sick so it's just been... me in the room. And Brennon brings me up a meal in the evenings. I swear I feel like I'm in solitary. might as well add a flap to the bottom of my door so that I can chow.

Seems Bran's having an easier time with the proxies following her. They aren't outright attacking her. Which is good. Hope everything's going well over there. Hope she's safe and... yeah. I miss everyone... I know, it's only been like... two days. But I need social interaction to survive!

Dude seriously Bran. Your group and mine has to get together and have a big party. That should keep me socially happy for a good long while. Imagine it... all those people in this house at the same time. That's be one rockin' party. I need another party... maybe we can get Matty and Rizzy to come back too. They were cool. Even if Slendy got easily annoyed with Rizzy.

Ok. I'm feeling tierd again so I'm gonna crash a bit before my doctor's appointment. I know I still have to deal with the mini interview from forever ago. But I'll get it aftr my doc appointment and when I'm certain I'm not dying and stuff. So you may get a double post from me. *gasp* don't die now, I know it's surprising!

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