Saturday, March 26, 2011

5 & 6 - Silver and Gold

Five for Silver, Six for Gold...
Watercolors, micron pens
on illustration board

"Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other's gold"
Were you ever in girl scouts/ boy scouts an learned that song? It really holds true to me today. And seems even more fitting for the post. the cards were made to fit together so I'm posting them together.

It's funny how fitting they were when I made them. For our wedding bands, mine is silver, Brennon's is gold. But friends. Friends are like silver and gold too.

I've made a new friend. A friend of silver that will become gold. Yggy/Kelly/Hellfire. Whatever you want to call him.I personally like Ygg or Yggy :3 He's our guest right now. And we've given him the permission to stay as lon as he wishes to. We have the rooms. Imagine that. Cookies lured in a new friend. New family. Shows that cookies are awesome for everything, right? He seems a bit uncomfortable still but, I think that's because he's been on his own for a bit. Or something. I'm not sure. It was pretty much silence othr than Brennon standing over us with his arms crossed scowling.

Me: "I invited him to stay, that's alright with you, isn't it?" I said this matter of factly as I frosted another cookie to add onto the plate.

Brennon: "He's the one the caused tension between us! He almost ruined everything!" He flailed his arms dramatically at this and gestured at Ygg.

Me: "No... we did that ourselves. We weren't up front and honest with each other. He just helped us to see that."

Brennon: He just staired and got a seeming look of realization on his face "Oh... yeah... well.. uh... thanks... you two have fun, it was a long day at work I need to hit the sack." And he left.

It was just me frosting cookies for the rest of the night and silence between us for the most part. It's kinda nice really. to not need to talk with someone to get aquainted.

I need to go get breakfast started. Or at least help Taben with it if he's gotten it started. They didn't get home till this morning and they don't know Yggy's here yet. So need to give warning.

Also I think Bran's on her way. I don't know if she realizes Ygg's here or not. She seemed to be the most pissed off and angry than all of us with him. Hopefully there's not tensions. Or she's not left yet and gets on and sees this.

Ygg will be bowwoing the gifted laptop I got from Slendy a month or so back. So he can still give you his turn of events here.

Things are moving so fast, but really. I'm enjoying this. It's something to do. I like that :3

See ya all later! I'll try and keep updates coming as they go. Something tells me the guys will disappear ingto the game room while the 'girls' jabber and gossip and talk and play.

Oh! caching! There must be caching as well!

Ok. really going to go now. Mmm I smell cinnamon rolls!

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