Saturday, March 19, 2011




  1. -Death-
    "It has begun,
    the death of the sun.
    Under brightest moon shine,
    He will be mine.
    Time will end,
    lies will blend,
    It is your belief
    you will have no relief.
    He is mine.
    He will not die.
    Do not try. Do not fight.
    It is over.
    It is time to die."

    Care to drop any hints as to where you have him instead of repeatedly taunting us? Because I KNOW your little pawns aren't saying anything.

    ~ Branwen

  2. What the hell?! See this is why I do NOT post. I haven't been posting. Notice... every time I post, so does he. This bullshit must stop. I'm having a talk with Slender Man. We're getting Aiden back tonight.

    I don't give a flying fuck who this is. I don't care. If yu're trying to crush my spirit then a big ol flippin bird to you you mother fucking ass. You will NOT take the good feeling I have.

    The night of the full moon is tonight. The night of the super moon.

    Something will end but it will not be our lives. No. It will be the end of your entrapment of my fiancée.

    Go to the hell you belong in you evil mother fucker. Go to hell and stay there and burn. You've fucked with the wrong person for the last time.

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  4. "Save me Bran... Save me Brennon. Save me. Help. Please help. I'm trapped."

    We're going to get you back, love. Please hang on...

  5. Fuck... Aiden? Aiden is that you?! We're working on it! We're working on it. We're going to save you. I swear to Gods! I love you. Stay safe and well. I love you. I'll save you. I'll save you gods be damned!

    Translation for those curious

    "Save me Bran... Save me Brennon. Save me. Help. Please help. I'm trapped."

    He's only using a single enscribe. That's a good sing... right?

  6. sign* Bleh typos. And here Bran beat me to i.