Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wooooooooooo! :3

Just got back from the park. It was so so SO much fun! Brennon's pissed. I never said anything and just left XP

Slendy was a bit upset with me for not saying anything. He kept telling me to tell Brennon ot to call Brennon. Brennon will be find I said.

I never noticed... or heard his voice before. It's really intersting. He has a very well rounded and well learned voice. I like it. :3

There were crows mobbing a hawk. I always feel sorry for the hawks when I see that... but... I don't know. I felt bad. I wanted to join them and help. I mena the crows were just scared. They had a nest near by and just wanted to be sure that the hawk left them alone.

Maybe I should be a crow. I'm solitary when need be but I like my family unit. My colony. Maybe I need to change myself to a Gerbil that's part crow or something. Oh Gryphon! Best of both worlds! :3 :3 :3

Bah, Brennon's yelling again and telling me to come eat. He ordered pizza! Nom nom nom Pizza Hut! Wooo! <3

Okies. I'm out for not. See ya all laterrr! I'm gonna go to the park again tomorrow. I love the park. Park park park prak! Woot! Dive bombing Slendy from trees. I know he knows I'm there but it's still fun. I like it whn he catches me :3



    ~ Branwen

  2. Oh my. It would seem your dearly beloved really doesn't trust you.