Monday, March 7, 2011


I'm home.

I'm still stressed. I'm still sick.

But I'm alive.

And Branwen is giving me Oreos? I think that makes up for it all right there.

Though shouldn't I be the one getting her stuff? since I'm like unconciously threatening her life and crap?

Gods Dammit. I'm going in sane. Really fucking insane with all this.

Apparently I'm fine if Slendy's around. He leaves and I'm easy prey for the 'Dark One' or whoever the fuck it is.

I do not like this. I'm so confused. I'm still uncertain how I'm threatening her life. Bren and Bran both find it threatening. I'm still really confused and tired and just.. blech. but I can't sleep. for once I'm stress,ed and not tiered.... and bed ridden. yay for laptops though, yes? maybe I'll get to work on some art. I miss art. I'll be happy when I can art again. Yay art.


  1. If it makes you feel better, I don't think of it as you threatening my life.

    I think of it as It.

    Ohmygosh...I somehow typo'd the first "it" to have a "t" in front if it. And I laughed. Oh how mature...

    Fox has yet to answer me, the bum.

    ~ Branwen

  2. Bran, how many times have I told you. tit does not make me feel better.

    I'm gay.

    Tell Fox to fuck off for me. Or tell him to come visit me. I have a special surprise for the ass.

  3. lol. lmao. and rofl.

    I don't think he'd appreciate that at all. But I guess we'll have to find out. xD

    ~ Branwen