Sunday, March 27, 2011

7- Secret

Seven for a Secret, Not to Be told...
Micron Pens and Watercolors
On Illustration Board

Secrets are interesting things. You have them, and you're not supposed to tell them or share them. So I didn't. I held my secret in. Held it in for as long as I could. No one could know. I couldn't tell anyone. No one, no one. Only the crows. The crows know everything.

So, even though my secret is "not to be told" I'm telling you it anyways.

I knew. I knew this was coming. Had an inkling of an idea. Why had Slender turned His interest from Allen to me? Why were It and Slender so interested in me. Then Bran pointed me out to Yggy's blog. And then everything made sense in my mind. I knew.

I knew. But I denied it. Scared, frightened. I couldn't admit to it. I'd loose everyone. I'd loose everyone if I mentioned it. If I told anyone. Then It took me. And Slendy brought me back and all the shit that happened happened. And now. Now I'm happier. I'm more willing to think on this.

When I had the inkling. I started to think on how I could use this to my advantage. What could I do. How could I protect my loved ones and friends. There had to be a way. I've started towards that now.

See, my property is a safe haven. No one can be hurt by Slendy or It while they are here and within our property bounds. Slendy and It can come onto the property, but they cannot hurt anyone. It's a safe haven. So. What if Our home was used to help other Runners. People running from Slendy or It or whatever the fuck is after them. This is a safe haven from that shit.

We have the resources. We could do this. But.. we have to get the word out. How do we spread the word that this is a safe house for runners. Are people going to want to even come here if they know that Slendy still will show up? Do they want to be here even though I'm some amalgamation of the things they fear and are running from?

I want to help. But in the end. People are going to want to kill me. People like Zero. Though right now Zero wants to kill everyone. I'm going to get runners that may use this against me. They'll kill me. I want to help. How can I help? Help me hep the Runners. They need hope. And frankly... as much as I have friends and family coming here... The house always feels full of hope. Look at the people that are here. Bran, Seth Skyler. Ygg, Candy, Dean. Brennon, Taben. Ryan and Allen. All these people are here. And they are happy and they feel safe. These people would not be here if they didn't feel safe.

So.. there it is. Maybe that's all they need to see.


  1. You've got to realize regardless of who wants to kill you it's nearly impossible to do at a certain point. And if it's accomplished well...they won't be able to enjoy it long.

  2. I realize that Dearst Da may be reluctat to hold to the agreement if He realizes his Pup is in danger.

    I dunno though. Maybe what scares me more is the thought of being immortal.

  3. Well, think on it. We live forever. We'll see everyone around us grow old and die.

    Slendy even mentioned that. He asked me if I was willing to accept that.

    Part of me is now not so sure. Maybe.. in the end that's what will turn us. We'll be so bitter and angry with life that we'll just turn into the killers that they are.

  4. That certainly is bitter food for thought.