Monday, March 28, 2011


I have thirteen followers. All be it like six of those are... close to me. but that's besides the point, right?

People are paying attention to me. Gives me a happy emo tear.

That made no sense.

I get to go back to school tomorrow! Yay.

Oh. Right. I'm kinda in school anyways.

I'm still unhappy that Candice and Dean are here now. Big raspberry at them. I try and protect my little siblings and this is what I got. Them getting into this bullshit anyways.

Ugh. I'm really getting sick of Him just appearing in my room and getting me to go out. Mreh. Might as well get more practice in while everyone's occupied. I worry about what'll happen when.... right. I better go. Apparently slapping the back of my head is the only way to get me out of here? How bout asking politely? Bastard.

EDIT: Quickest session EVER. I'm sorry but I'm not going there. No yet, not ever. Just. No.


  1. Wait, which six ones are close?

  2. Well, Bran and Brennon. My adopted sis and my hubby.

    Then there's Candice and Dean. My little sibs. And.. well not quite completely extremely close (yet?), but Yggy and Fox.

    Fox is just... technicality I guess? I dunno what he'd call it. He's a cool guy and trustable and I do wanna get to know him better.

    Yggy's a good kid. And it's kinda nice having more activity going around the house.

    When he's not running off and scaring the shit out of me that is.

    So yeah that's the lay out for us over here. I think.

  3. "Yggy's a good kid." Never heard those words before.

  4. first time for everything, right?

  5. Trustable?

    I am pleased to hear this. At least one of you says so.

  6. Give the others time. They'll get used to you.

    Remember to meet with me tomorrow so we can get this all figured out. I'd like to make out means of communication more reliable. If that is alright with you. I'm not sure how It was hooked up to you, but, yeah that's over now. He's not your boss. So why have a connection with him anymore, yeah?

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  8. I hate typos.

    Restating what I initially said before I butchered it...

    It may not be his boss, but he does still have ties to both Rat and Crow. And though he hates Rat, I don't he'll leave Crow all by himself.

    ~ Branwen

  9. Sure. It would probably be advantageous to have telepathic connection.

    I wouldn't quite call it over. As long as It feels entitled to me, It will continue to harass.

    Unfortunately for It, I'm not so willing.

    And I can't leave Crow to fend for himself with only Rat for company. That's just irresponsible.

    With any luck, Crow will follow me over to this side as well.

  10. I understand completely. It's only with Dearest Da's budging that he let you come over to me.

    But as long as you're with me. You're under my protection, and as such under Slendy's. the technicalities are very long winded and wide ranged.

    And Crow is more than welcome to come over with us. The more the merrier. It's just a matter of getting him away from It.