Monday, March 7, 2011

the piper

there was a piper that Gave the people a lot of lIttle gifts. one day he gave no one gifts and took them all away. it was a Very sad day an the people all criEd. they became happy again when the piper again UP and gave gifts of happy joys and all was welL wITh The world. then the dark one came and take it aLl away. the pipEr fought the dark one and lost. the Piper was UP and thrown back to the tIme of his creation and had his inTelligence STripped Of him. it was a sad day. pople cried. their prOtector was gone and the dark one began to take reign. no one can fight the dark one. aLl thAT approach him will diE. death TO any that fight him. death to thoSe thAt the piper protects and a VEry deaTH to the pipEr hiMself.


  1. ...I think I know who you are. Quit twisting his words.

    You wanna talk to me? Talk to ME.

    ~ Branwen

  2. I want to pull the good ol' delete post thing here.... but I'm being yelled at by everyone not to. it's sad. the one that can't talk is the 'loudest' about me not deleting this.

    I'm going to bed. Screw it all.