Saturday, March 26, 2011

Excited as a kid at their birthday party

Seriously. Really seriously am. I like having people over. This house gets too big and quiet without people here.

Poor Yggy was bored. I sent him to the basement. Where our full sized rec room is. Along with all our vidoe game systems.

Meanwhile I continue working on the thrme challenge cards that ar coming and wait on Bran and them to get here. I'm wondering how good of an idea cacheing really is today though. A group of giggly playful 'kids' trying to do something that requires 'stealth' Heh. Maybe I'll just take them to the metro park. We'll walk and maybe do cacheing tomorrow before they have to head home.

Weekends are too short. Ah well. Off I go to get back to work and wait impatiently. :3

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