Sunday, March 27, 2011

Trick Question

How do you hide seven people?

You don't! Expecially when one of them is extremely curious about what's going on and why Aiden's screaming curse words at the top of his voice.

So Brennon says "Uh... Aiden? Candy and Dean just pulled in."

And I spazzed. After those dreams after all those fucking dreams! I shuld have known should have fucking known!

Anyways here's how it went.

Me: I open the door " this was un expected"

Candy: "You've always said..."
Dean: "...we can drop by any time."

Me: "Yeah, but I said call first."

Candy: "We did"
Dean: "The phone was busy"
Candy: "So we figured you're home"

Me: "Phone was busy...? I haven--"

Candy: "Who's the kid?"
Dean: "You open up an orphanage?"

Me: I turn around and Ygg's there. "He's a... well I finally signed up for that big brothers program thing. Thought it'd be cool to have him over for the party."

Candy: "Party?"
Dean: "Why weren't we invited?"

Me: "I'm sorry I thought you'd be busy."

Candy: "Aiden, what the hell is going on?"
Dean: "You know we're never busy. We've missed you. We hardly hear from you."
Candy: "You haven't been down to visit in weeks."
Dean: "Last we heard was wen Brennon called and told us you were in the hospital."
Candy: "We've all been really worried."
Dean: "And now you're an ass and don't want to invite us to a party?"

Me: I hate when they gang up on me like this. And just for refernce. They're twins. They always take turns talking like this. "Columbus is pretty far away it's a long drive."

Candy: "You're our brother."
Dean: "Yeah, we miss you. Can we stay?"

Me: I sigh. I can't say no. "Yeah, yeah that's fine. Guess I should make introductions to everyone." I look at Ygg and tell him to get everyone upstairs. It's late, I'm amazed that people are so up and excited and active still. I get through the list of introductions. Then get to Fox. "This... this is... uh... Fox."

Candy: "...why is he wearing that silly mask? It's so cute!"
Dean: "Oh! is he one of your furry friends and stuff? Sweet! Are you guys having a sex party...
Candy: "Yiff party.."
Dean: "Right! tThat's what it's called!"

Me: "What the fuck?!" I scream. "What the hell you asses, you know that We're not that bad.. Fuckers. Don't even joke about that." Yeah, I'm pretty pissd, even thouh I know they're just teasing. I am NOT into that crap.

They joke get aquainted with everyone and I sit at the table to work on my challenge stuff. That's all I've been inspired to do lately. We chatter n for a bit. I'm still very uneasy that they're here with all that's going on. As far as I know they're not 'infected'  And I don't want them to be. I eventually realized working on the challenge peices in front of them wouldn't help so I hid them. We just relaxed chattered. people got tiered I showed people to their rooms or places to sleep. Then... then th shit hits the fan. Well. Kinda. Allen comes down woken by the commotion. Not anything different than what would normally happen. Except clutched in his arms is his Slender Plush.

Allen: "I'm thirsty." I'm trying not to panic hoping they ask no questions aboyut the doll and go and get Allen his drink. I come back out and see Dean's pale as can be and watching Allen

Me: "You alright, bro? You're all white."

Dean: "The doll...."
Candy: "Ignore him. He's been paranid since he watched these videos with some monster thing that looks similar. Says he's been seeing it standing out in the woods watching.
Dean: "Shut up Candice! I tell you I've been seeing Him. I know what I've seen. The Slender Man." Not... what I wanted to hear. But I try and put it off.

Me: "Videos? Slender Man?"

Allen: "Slender Man's my friend!" He must have heard us and come from the dining area and holds up the doll "See? He's my friend!" My turn to go pale. Dean looks to Allen then to me. Candice looks completly confused and uncertain.

Me: "Allen go up to bed please." I know things are going to get... prickly. I don't even know what the hell to say to them. I just look at Dean and he seems to make the connection.

Candy: "What.. what's wrong? You guys are creeping me..." And then she screams. screams bloody murder. I don't know what it is but then see the look on Deans face and turn around. There's Slendy. Standing in the doorway.

Dean: "That's a pretty sick costume, looks like the--"

Me: "Gods dammit! Get the fuck out of here!" I'm screaming at Slendy now. "Leave them alone! Gods dammit please just--"

Candy: She's stopped screaming and is just staring now.
Dean: ...."Is that.. really... Him..."

Slendy nods. Then summons out his tendrils as though to prove he's real. Dean jumps. Candice gasps. I hadn't realized everyone had come downstairs/upstairs at the screams and now everyone's kinda making noises and spooking out a bit because. You know. Slendy's in the house. ...that just sounded so corny and makes
me giggle at the same time. Takes away from the tension and spookiness of what was really going on.

I just sigh at this point. "Remembr the agreement" Is all I said to him and looked at evryone else. "We've made an agrement. Our house is a safe haven. Slendy and It cannot harm anyone while inside this houe or within it's property lines."

Dean: "It? You mean there's more than one of these things?"

Me: "Yeah... Slendy here's the nicer of them. You don't want to meet It."

Candy: She starts blaberig and sobbing and apologizing to Dean. Bran, Gods bless her soul comes over to try and calm her down.

Dean: "So... everyone in this house... is someone that's going to die from them... it's a runner's party." He seemed to take this in and then looks at me and puches my arm "Now I'm even more pissed you didn't invite me!"

And.. somehow.. after that I knew it was all gonna be alright.

I hope that gut instinc is right.

Anyways time to feed the mobs. Full course breakfast meal go!
Eggs, Bacon, sausage, pancakes, oatmeal, sereal fruit what hav you. I don't know much about Lent but I tried to include stuff I thought Bran could eat. I don't know what she gave up. I just know nothing about that holiday. I'm sorry.

Ok. breakfast time! See ya'll later!


  1. Only candy. I tried giving up all sweets for the challenge of it, then realized I'd starve in my own house. :D

    Your siblings. They're cool people. Heh...Dean. I like 'im just for his name. Can I call him Mr. Winchester?

    ~ Branwen

    ...I still don't understand this...furry concept. My mask is...cute?

    That is not what I was going for.

    ~ Fox

  2. DEan would probably get a kick out of that name. You'll probably see more of them now. Now that I know this shit's going on. It's got me worried as all hells. But... yeah. Dammit. Ugh I need to convince my parents to just go and buy that house they were looking at and intersted in up here. I'd like my family to be closer than two hours away. They moved down there for Dad's job. It was close. then Dad got laid off and he's commuting up here. So yeah.

    And Fox, we'll explain the furry thing... as best we can. quick to the point. furries identify with animals and some of them dress up in costume. Animal related of course. Foxes are very very popular.

  3. Also, I'm gonna call Fox Todd for now on.