Tuesday, March 29, 2011

9 - Hell

Nine for Hell...
Micron Pens, Watrcolors and Gouache
On Illustration Board.
2.5x 3.5in

Hell. How to define Hell. Oh, I know just the thing.
Last night.

Last night was utter fucking hell. It. Da. It. Da. them fighting. Them getting pissed and growling (that's the only way to explain the sound that i think came from them?) Me wanting the fuck home yadda yadda yadda.

Oh.. hey maybe I should explain what happened. And why I was so pissed. So. We lay down to bed. Brennon's just come home finally. and i'm beat, he's beat. We lay down, cuddle and... well stuff. *ahem* Anyways, as we're... cuddling... I suddenly realize I am quite cold and.... was outside my parent's house. I bang on the door. I'm let in. Candy and Dean are wondering what the hell I'm doing there yadda. Dean lets me use his computer to make the previous post. I tell them to stay the fuck inside and lock the doors when I leave.

I leave. Go to the woods behind their house. I'm shivering. It's like 20 degrees out and.. well remember. I ws cuddling... I'm so fucking humiliated. SO FUCKING HUMILIATED. And there's Slendy standing a bit into the woods.

~I assume this will prove to you that you can not just ignore your lessons? I will bring you to do them when I very well please.~ He says. He looks pretty... well Slendy. But I feel like he's being a pompus ass. He's upset with me. I can tell. I don't care.

"You didn't happen to bring some fucking clothes for me with you, did you?" I spat at him... well as best as I could through chattering teeth. "Or at least send me back. I get your point. I'm sorry. I won't do it again."

Instead of sending me back as I was really really hoping. He just holds out some of my clothes. "You should put these on, you might freeze if you do not. We will work on your movement." He drops the clothes and I get dressed.

"One foot in front of the other." I start walking around "See? I'm moving. Can I go home now."

He just stares at me. I know he's glaring. I know he's getting angrier by the second. "Let me see you try."

"I don't even know how." I lean against a tree. I'm not happy. Not happy at all. I'm trying to be ass defiante as possible. I'm not happy. He took me away from time with Brennon. I hadn't had time with Brennon in a while.

"If you continue to act this way I will see to it that you will never reproduce." He said angrily. Of course I'm sitting here staring back at him cause this absolutely makes no sense.

"Did you really just---" He interupts me.

"I'll make it so you cannot use those organs ever again." He crosses his arms and looks at me. He's taken up that stance of a parent that's waiting for a kid to comply to their demands. I sigh.

"Whatever..." I paused... "Kinda brings up the question.... how do you..."

"TRY IT NOW!" That's one thing I never want to hear again. Him screaming at me. Extremly angry raged screaming. So I just take a guess and try. Nothing. It goes on like this for about an hour. Then suddenly It shows up. Out of nowhere. It sees me and starts straight at me like it's going to murder me. I musta done something to piss it off. What I have no idea. Dear ol' Da makes himself useful and intervenes. A... pretty intene fight happens. It's just... there aren't many words for it. It attacks slashes with Its tentackles. Da slashes back. I was just.. reall intense. The whole time there's this god awful screeching/growling/squealing going on that I can only assume is them. Finally It gives out when Slendy pulls off one of It's tendrils. OMG I wish I had died that moment. Ever had a sound make you vomit? Yeah. I did just that when this happened. It just.. disappeared after that.

Ever seen Slendy winded? No? Neither had I... until then. He looked.... hurt. tiered. injured. I... I was actually worried. I approached him as he sat down on one of the fallen trees.

"What was that about?" I'm instinctively circling him trying to see if he has any physical injuries. I'm honest to Gods worried.

"You do not know?" He looked at me questioningly. I just shook my head. "Then we will leave it that way. It is for the best."

"...look..." I say after I see no physical wounds. "Sorry I'm so defiant... I just.... don't want to be like that." I gestured to where It had been during the fight.

"You think that I would want you to be like that one?" He kept his 'gaze' on me. I just rubbed the back og my head. "You need to get to safety. The sun's rising." Next thing I know... I'm at one of the tables outside of college campus.

Then Taben's running up to me and looking me over worried. He tried to send me home but I wouldn't budge. I need to do school and shit. He trid to cnvince me to sleep in the car. I just... no I don't. Right now alll I can think about is the sounds I heard, what I saw... and what the fuck did Da mean by that? What the fuck. What am I to him? To It?

I'm going to pause here. I'll tell you the rest of my day and how it went. I need to take a nap or something. I'm so damned tiered. So mother fucking tiered. Note to yone that may find themelf being mentoered by a paranormal monster. Never ignore them or run off on them when they tell you it's time for class.


  1. Yer not the only one here... I just want to sleep.... but I can't.... fucking sucks... maybe I should just foece myself to stay up and just hit the sack early tonight...

  2. Get pysched then. And then when it's late you can go to bed. If you'd like I know how to open portals the other side and I can help you.

  3. Yes...I know the screeching sounds.

    I'm sorry you had to hear that.

    You almost become deaf to them after awhile. Almost.

  4. Ygg... maybe that's waht I need is help from someone else. I think Da was getting pissed frustrted. he kept telling me I could get home when I learned how.

    I tried for three fucking hours trying to do what he instructe me to do. then well yeah...

    And thanks Todd and... stuff... I still have a headache from that.... oh and the whole no coffee thing... no coffee sucks.

  5. SEE. You can't learn ANYTHING with him breathing down your neck.

    He tried the same thing with the hallowing lessons. The only way you'll learn is if you try yourself or maybe if I help you. It's easy to portal though, just let all the risk and stress about the other side go, and relax, it'll open itself up to you

    Don't strain.

  6. I had the whole telepathy thing going well and alright. even with him breathing down my neck.

    Though there were other things on my mind lastnight like how fucking pissed I was.

    hallowing lessons..... that idea scares me. I'll be happy with just telepathy and the portaling crap... maybe.... just maybe.

    hell it'd save us on gas when going to classes, right?

  7. It's the only way to travel! :D

  8. After I'm done with Tod then you can help me. I'm almost a bit bitter that you're younger and know more about this than I do...