Friday, March 25, 2011


I forgive you Brennon. I understand now. I love you.

We'll make this work. I promise.

We went to the park. I love walking in the park. It's so soothing. The crows. they were there. and they were beautiful. I heard their voices. They had voices. In my mind. they had names. I heard them.

Slender said that they were our friends. distant relatives? Something like that. We walked just in the woods. in the woods. The woods are gorgeous.

then he looked at me.

Slender: "You do realize that humans are intrusive species"

Me: "But.. I'm a human"

Slender: "You're not, you're special."

Me: "Oh... okay... I'm afraid. I don't want to kill. I'm confused."

Slender: "As would be expected. Brennon does have deep feelings for you and worry." H pauses and looks at me and I just feel this... odd feeling in my mind. Like I can feel and sense and hear Brennon's thoughts and feelings. I'm nearly sent realing. One of those tendrils wrap around my arm and keep me from falling in the river.

Me: "These... are Brennon's thoughts? My Gods. I'm a monster."

Slender: "In the end it is your choice. forgive and forget and move on. He worries for you, youngling. He worries."

Me: "Yeah... I can understand. I feel so wretched now."

Slender: He just watches me as I sit don on a fallen tree and silence surrounds us. "I can teach you. I can teach you much. Much about yourself. And our kin. I can teach you more than you culd ever hope to know."

Me: "...what about Brennon...? Bran? I love them. They're my friends. I need them."

Slender: "What about me?"

Me: "....I... need you too... but I can't leave my friends."

Slender: "You would rather watch them age and die?"

Me: "Yes... That's the thing. I may be special. But I'm still mostly human. I still form attatchments."

Slender: "Very well. I will... make allowances. For you. I like you. You are strong willed and understanding. You are valuable. All of our kin our valuable. It will be alright. I will protect you. You are mine... my little pup."

Me: "Wait.. what? the messages were from you?!?" I'm a bit angry at this point.

Slender: "No... No they weren't. They were from the Dark One. He wanted to claim you. I won't let him. You are mine. I just like the name little pup." I felt amusement emanating from him at this point in time it faded quickly to concern. "You are going to freeze. We should go back." I hadn't eve noticed th cold.

Me: "Oh... right ok. See? still a bit human, right?" We start back down the trail from the park that leads to our house. "...If my friends come and visit. If we have this party this weekend. They'll be safe right? You won't hurt them?"

Slender: "It will bother you. I will not harm your friends. I keep you safe. I protect you, I teach you. I will not harm you. You deserve to celebrate. Birthdays are always something to celebrate."

I got home just a bit ago. It's cold as a witches tit outside. I didn't realize how cold it was. I think I was being partially protected. He left. presumably to hunt or whatever he does. I... feel better now than I have since it all started. My back's fucking killing me though.

I look at that bloody mark I drew on the door and just feel bad. I tried to clean it off. Blood staines wood so woell though.

I'm sorry Brennon. I'm sorry Bran. I love you both. I look forward to our party this weekend. It will be fun. Something joyous to look forward to, right?


  1. Ah, see now this is love. Considering others emotions hmm? But you know what's funny?

    I thought Slendy was my dad. And the Dark One must've thought he was yours.

    They were both fucking wrong, then again neither of them may have actually sired us. Seeing as how Slendy said "he wanted to claim you". Now I'm curious...

  2. Curiosity seems to be a common thing with these two. But yes, the Dark Master seems to assume more than what Slender does. But at the same time.. if they assumed we were their kin...

    I'm wondering though... how would we be 'sired' I know both of my 'parents' and they are quite human.

    I assume in time we may come to learn about these things. He says he'll teach me. I assume he'll teach you too. Or maybe we are both of Slender's? Maybe it's a fight to clam others. He had told you there was three other than you, right? So thatm eans there are two more out there... somewhere.

    But where?

  3. I have vague memories of my birth parents(who I now can't even call that) and they're human too, then again memories can be forged........

    Uh, well I can make myself look like Redlight or an adult variation of myself, so maybe Slendy and the Dark One can appear human and. .. . y'know.....

  4. ...Aw fuck man.... seriously...

    no matter how you wanna look at it, the thought of your parents having sex is never... just dude it's not something I want to think about... ever...

    then again... they may not even have to change form. they can get into your mind and cause hallucinations and stuff so. Yeah. You have that as well.

    I think I saw it mentioned, I forget though. How old are you? I'm guessing in your teens?

  5. Turned Fifteen the day we rescued Ron. The 19th.

  6. Here's food for thought then. Slender and DO go mostly after kids. I'm 21. Why 'claim' me? Or do they want to 'claim' the older ones that are easier to train? But wouldn't children be easier to train? So many questions.

  7. I think they may be going for you despite your age because you seem very nice. And willing to listen...and I sort of acted like a huge dick to Slender if you don't recall.

  8. Irony

    Choosing someone that's 'nice' over some ones who's a huge dick to kill people. Though... maybe there's more to it.

  9. Oh head already hurts you guys...I can't even comprehend this...

    So you're...

    You're like Ygg in that you're also one of these superhuman Slendy things?

    ...I'm glad He's letting you stay.

    Yes. We will be up tomorrow.

    <3 Branwen

  10. I have no clue. I'm still trying to figure it out and all.

    Still working it out in my mind.

    We'll see you when you get here.