Friday, March 4, 2011








  1. Ohmygod.


    Don't do this. Please be joking again.

    ...I can't decipher this.

    I don't know what you're saying...


    ~ Branwen

  2. This wasn't Aiden. I'm going to look into who/what it was. And to see if I can find some sort of.... translator.... or something...

    At least I don't think it was Aiden. I was kicked out of the hospital at 8pm last night. Aiden was asleep the whole time and they told me they needed to move him to a quarantine and there would be no physical visitors allowed.

    I'll try and keep updates as much as possible. I'll post when I'm on break.

  3. Not Aiden? Huh...

    If it was one of those three...I swear...

    Joce says he'll try to help us out, so I'll direct him here.

    ~ Branwen

  4. Actually... I figured it out.

    It's in code, just not a normal one. Someone in the office recognized it. the code is called BASE64 or something like that.

    I don't like what it all translates to. It's got me paranoid, scared and worried right now. And a little angry.

  5. While I'm thinking on it. Here. Also I just got off the phone with the hospital getting an update on Aiden.

    I need to talk to you ASAP Bran. seriously. Scary things are going down.

    Anyways Translation:

    "Beware, the end is nigh. the end is near. You shall fear. For the end is near.

    Let the days become your nights, soon you'll learn, love's true plight. The end is near. Beware, have fear.

    The end is near.

    Death to the non believer. Death to the protected

    You won't be safe for long. the Dark One comes to take your soul.

    Rest while you can. the next time you rest will be upon your death."

  6. It BETTER be. If I'm awake when Death comes to take me, there's going to be a FIGHT. Anyway, I'm going to start Archive Binging here... *Joce