Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Da, you suck for fucking up my pictures.

This is the only one that came out... but... this is what it looks like... well if you can tell cause it's the fucking tree tops >-<

This is what it looks like today

Fo refernce here's a picture Taben took the other day. this is just a bit down the street by where they used to live.

Sunny, blue sky. Warm. Green grass.

Yeah, that's Ohio for you. Oh and Allen's pitching a fit right now wanting to go play with Slendy. Uhm... no.?

Ugh I should see about getting in contact wit Todd and..... right forgot I could do that.  Kinda cold for him to be out there.... Now if I could just gust get the other two in... Why drop them on the doorstep and not in the house?

Ugh... I swear... kids. There's lots of good nommy food in here you two... come in anytime... doors open.

Oh great what the hell does Da want now. I'm getting sick of this..... I'm also kinda scared how easy it is for me to call Slendy Da....

ugh my back's bothering me again.. gonna have to have Brennon clean and tend my boo-boos tonight when he gets home.


  1. No, it's okay. It may be creepy that you call him Da, but if any part of this STOPPED being creepy, it'd be creepy. Like, it'd be creepy for it not to be creepy. Right? Hope your back feels better.

  2. Well Joce just made my day. :D

    The snows. It pisses me off so much. >:(

    ~ Branwen

  3. Are all teenagers like this....?

    I don't remember being like this? I just... urgh.

  4. Hey, buttmunch.... Have you tried, oh, I dunno. Inviting them in?

    And Why the hell are you calling the abomination "Da"? That's kinda like... really creepy. I'm still upset with you. You had no right!

  5. yeah yeah just gang up on me. I see how it is. Everyone have at Aiden it's all his fucking faul. Grr. just grr. It's all stupid bs.

  6. Oh hey I didn't see that coming. Playing the victim? Grow up won't you?! I'm younger than you and feel more mature. I think you need to get back on your meds, sugar.